have a happy weekend


Is anyone else counting down the days until Scandal is back on tv?? Mark your calendars… Olivia Pope will return February 27th. ┬áMan oh man, she makes a winter coat look fierce. But right now its so cold out I don’t know if I care about looking cute.

Vancouver isn’t exactly experiencing a polar vortex like the Eastern side the country, but it did break a 66 year long record and its supposed to snow on Monday!

Besides staying warm this weekend we’re house sitting/dog sitting for friends and painting our apartment! Should be fun yet productive… Do you have any plans this weekend?

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One book that’s getting a lot of hype right now. Add it to the kobo wishlist!!

So proud of my friend Cait for getting her first article published on huffpost!

Just another reason why I love Lauren Conrad

I am in a house re-decorating kind of mood, so I love peeking into other people’s homes┬álately

And of course the Olympics start tomorrow! I’ll be cheering for both the U.S. and Canada naturally… will you be watching the games?