Clothes I am craving this Fall

It’s first week of October which has got me thinking, where did September go? It’s hard to believe its been a month since I completed my second 30 for 30 challenge and during my recap blog post I blogged about some new initiatives I was taking to keep myself in check and not let my bad shopping habit get out of hand.

Among my three resolutions I vowed to keep a monthly clothing budget which has been for the most part very successful. I had a number in mind that I couldn’t go over and it gave myself a limitation. No more was I saying “I’ll pay myself back next month…” or making up other ridiculous excuses… Once I bought a clothing item, I wrote it down in a journal so I always knew where I was at, and stuck to it. So let’s hope I can keep that up this month.

Another resolution of mine was to continue to work with the closet I have (not the imaginary one in my mind). One way I did this was by writing down all the work/weekday outfits I would wear in September. I wrote down my outfits and I checked them off as I wore them and it helped me to realize what I already knew: that I have plenty of clothes in my closet that I can make into outfits I enjoy (not to mention it made it easier to get dressed in the morning knowing what I was going to wear ahead of time), but writing down a month’s worth of daily outfits isn’t realistic going forward. Plus, depending on the weather or my mood, I changed my mind constantly; rewriting my “outfit” lists over and over again which I found surprisingly time consuming. And to be really honest it didn’t stop me from buying any new clothes (which is what I was hoping this little exercise would do).

It’s all a work in progress, I guess. One thing I am taking away from all of this is how to define my personal style (which is changing as I get older) and add pieces to my closet that not only allow me to express me, but items that also make sense for my casual-creative-city lifestyle (yes that’s what I am calling it).

With at said here are the items on my wish-list for this coming October and November:

1) Burgundy Jeans or Cords, 2) Matt & Nat: The Malone Bag – the perfect carry all, 3) The perfect Chambray shirt that doesn’t make me feel like a cowboy (harder than it seems to find!) 4) A great black blazer – because I still don’t have one! 5) Leopard print scarf (and I wouldn’t mind finding a skinny leopard print skinny belt either!)

What’s on your wish-list this Fall?