Feeling Fierce: Poncho it up

Poncho: Anthropologie, Jeans: Bootlegger, Ankle Boots: Urban Outfitters, Satchel: Plenty

I have struggled with what to make of my desire to still post some of my daily outfits now that my 30 for 30 challenge is over. Not to mention I get such a great and fantastic response from all of you readers who seem to enjoy what I choose to wear everyday. I struggle because here’s the thing- I enjoy clothes… I love style… and I like to shop. But I have no desire to be a fashion or style blogger. So I was left questioning, can I still create outfit posts without dedicating my blog to style?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: I guess that’s the great thing about personal blogs. You can make your blog your own. It’s yours! There’s no need to try and fit yourself into a specific category of blogger. I call this blog a lifestyle blog for sake of introductions, but I can assure you it will be a rare sight to see me tackle any DIY projects or arts and crafts common on other lifestyle blogs, as its not really my thing. And that’s ok.

I admire the blogs that make blogging their own like A Beautiful Mess and The Haps (aka Harpers Happenings). They seem to draw readers in because they write from a genuine perspective and with purpose. So I decided to begin a weekly or at least possibly bi-monthly feature called Feeling Fierce. ┬áTaking a cue from Beyonce’s alter ego for when she performs on stage: Sasha Fierce (LOVE HER!), it’s for those days when my alter fashionista ego comes out and I dress up and I look good. And thats when I want to show my awesome outfit off to the world! If I sound a little full of myself… its because when I feel like I am in a great outfit, I kind of am. This is how every woman should feel when they put on clothes they love. Fierce.

My new favorite trend everyone already has in their closet: cuffed jeans. Roll them up, wear them with ankle boots and its instant chic. Instant Fierce…. with a capital F.

By the way I should mention here that I LOVE Beyonce. I adore her. ┬áHave you checked out her blog on tumblr? Simply amazing and artfully inspiring. Click here to see it. Fierce! Ok that was the last one…