Hi, I’m Ashly and my adoring, hilarious husband is Andrew. We moved to Vancouver, BC in 2011 and in 2012 I started this blog to document our lives and share our new city with friends and family.

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18 thoughts on “About

  1. Andrew and Ashly! I had no clue you guys got married — but just saw your blog through Ashly’s twitter! Congrats you two! Couldn’t be happier for a nicer couple, and what a clever and creative wedding you had! All the best for all days to you both. 🙂


      • Hahaah…funny, in the past 2 days I’ve been asked that a few times. I’m just starting out. Been going for 2 months. I posted 5 times a week which is why I have a lot of stuff on my site already. I am going to an every other day or so….it was too much. Like a job cuz I take a lot of time with each post. Anyway…that’s that. No advice. The freshly pressed was super lucky!!!! Tripled my views in 2 days.

      • same here! Posting every day is also unrealistic for me. My new goal is 4 times a week. I tweeted ur post to all my Vancouver followers by the way! Trying to spread the luv! lol

      • you gotta explain twitter to me. I no get it! I signed up and had no idea what to do. Are you saying you can specify certain followers? Like how do you know they are vancouver folk? It is super foreign to me.

      • I will get back to ya. I totally need a tutorial. i am so overwelmed right now…looking forward to the weekend! Phew!

        I’ll send you a quickie email just so i remember how to find you. Ha!

        thanks! kimi.

  2. I am a brand new reader 🙂 (Just found your blog today!) I am going to be in Vancouver, BC on August 10th!! I am so excited! I have never been to Canada before but I heard it is beautiful! I am going to be there because I am going to be participating in the SeaWheeze Half Marathon being put on by Lululemon. Do you have any good recommendations of places to go to or things to make sure to see or experience?? I am thinking it would be loads of fun to try some stand up paddleboarding/yoga but other than that I don’t have any finalized plans yet. I would love any insider tips.. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! Glad you stumbled upon the blog. There’s tons of stuff to do in Van in the summer. I know just by downloading the seawheeze app they are offering a free concert after the run and free beach yoga the day after the race. Other than that… I can give you some more reccomedations if you email me! ashlykissman@gmail.com 🙂

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