have a happy weekend


Is anyone else counting down the days until Scandal is back on tv?? Mark your calendars… Olivia Pope will return February 27th.  Man oh man, she makes a winter coat look fierce. But right now its so cold out I don’t know if I care about looking cute.

Vancouver isn’t exactly experiencing a polar vortex like the Eastern side the country, but it did break a 66 year long record and its supposed to snow on Monday!

Besides staying warm this weekend we’re house sitting/dog sitting for friends and painting our apartment! Should be fun yet productive… Do you have any plans this weekend?

What we could learn from hipsters

Got 10 minutes? Try this

A DIY Valentines gift

Seeking motivation to get your finances in order? The you have to read this blog

One book that’s getting a lot of hype right now. Add it to the kobo wishlist!!

So proud of my friend Cait for getting her first article published on huffpost!

Just another reason why I love Lauren Conrad

I am in a house re-decorating kind of mood, so I love peeking into other people’s homes lately

And of course the Olympics start tomorrow! I’ll be cheering for both the U.S. and Canada naturally… will you be watching the games?


have a happy weekend


This weekend I have the apartment all to myself! Andrew is away for work and I have to admit, being alone is pretty nice once in awhile. I’ve never lived by myself; I’ve always lived with family, roomates or Andrew. So when I do get some time to myself I relish in the luxury! My solo plans involve lots of baths and to watch as much HGTV and TLC as I want. In fact, I often leave the TV on while home alone… even if I am not in the living room, because otherwise the silence kind of freaks me out. I am not used to it!

Plus I hate sleeping alone! When I turn off all the lights and go to bed I only then begin thinking of every single scary movie I have ever watched in my life and then imagine all the ghosts, murderers, monsters, and zombies are coming to kill me all at once.

Anyone else have that irrational fear? No? Just me? …great…

The good news is I am keeping myself busy (and that will hopefully curb those scary before bed time thoughts) until Andrew comes home. On Saturday I’ve got my better-late-then-never staff holiday party and on Sunday I’ve got brunch plans with Cait and Holly. And thanks to a tip from a co-worker I will be starting my new half marathon training schedule this Sunday! I’m signed up for the BMO Half Marathon on May 4th (I’ll write more about that later).

Your bank accounts could be the secret to a happy marriage.

How to wear red lipstick.

Is this Olympic team uniform for real??!

Lately my favorite place to buy bras is American Eagle. So I was so happy to see their new positive ad campaign.

Do guys care about style as much as us ladies? Former bachelorette Jillian Harris interviews her boyfriend about what he is wearing.

This is what Vancouver looked like in the 70’s.

Imagine… your used car today could become your down payment on a condo tomorrow. I had to read it to believe it.

What are your plans this weekend?

have a happy weekend


The weekend is here and this week has felt like a marathon, so needless to say I am happy to be at the finish line. What are you up to this weekend? Andrew and I are breaking our Friday night routine (that usually involves staying home and watching a movie in our PJs) and are going on a double date with some friends to The Boathouse restaurant for Dine Out Vancouver. And then on Sunday, its Football day! We’re cooking some turkey chili and cheering on the Seahawks and hope they beat the 49ers. Go Seahawks Go!

In other news, here’s my new morning routine.

This is how one blogger’s husband cheers her up when she’s feeling down. So cute!

I thought I had a small apartment… but this couple puts me to shame. They live in an apartment that’s only 250 square feet (and blog about it)! Whaaaaaaatttt?

A coconut hot cocoa recipe I want to try this weekend.

What city should you live in? I got Portland!??!!!

After reading my friend Cait’s book review on Stop Over Thinking Your Money by Preet Banerjee I bought the book for my Kobo… because she has that kind of influential power over me.  She’s giving away a copy on her blog to Canadian readers too!

Did you see the new Game of Thrones trailer for season 4?! I love the series so much I started reading all the books so I know what happens next… and trust me… it’s going to blow your mind.

When one girl gets engaged to a pilot they have an engagement photo shoot in the most unlikely of places.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

have a happy weekend


What are you up to this weekend? We’re supposed to get torrential downpour in Vancouver so we plan to stay indoors as much as we can. Our “inside” plans involve a poker game with friends on Saturday and watching the Golden Globes on Sunday… not for the stars,  or the awards but for the dresses and of course the hosts: Amy and Tina. They should host everything… from now on.

I really love how other bloggers post a nice weekly wrap up post on Fridays so I thought I would get in on the fun. There are often articles I read that I would love to simply share but not necessarily write or offer my opinion on. So with that said, here are some posts I loved this week:

Still looking for some inspiration this 2014? Here are some Amy Poehler quotes to live by

This TED Talk gives new meaning to the saying: Looks aren’t everything (Thanks to my aunt for sharing)

Save more money in 2014 with these suggestions by Kali over at the blog Common Sense Millennial. I just started the 52 week savings plan! (I’ll write more about that later)

This is the coolest new trend in wedding videos

Kind of into all the hype around Sasheer Zamata-the newest and first black female cast member of SNL. Do we really still live in world where this is a “first”?

I love looking at photos of how people organize tiny living spaces ( die clutter! die!)

The Disney Villain Perfume Line is here… you know because you’ve been waiting for it your whole life

Have a happy weekend!

vancouver christmas market


Visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market with my two lovely friends, Sara and Lindsay, is becoming an annual tradition. There’s a few things we always have to do while there: drink spiced mulled wine, eat as much German food as our stomachs can take, and try and spot celebrities! Last year we saw Joshua Jackson and Dianne Krueger. This year we had no such luck, but we did see Steve Nash at the mall afterwards!!

After walking around the market today, I officially feel like the Christmas season has begun. It makes me want to go out and get a Christmas tree for Andrew and I to decorate asap (our first!), listen to Christmas music 24/7, finish my Christmas shopping and get around to ordering those Christmas cards…

Not to mention planning trips to go to Vancouver’s other holiday events and activities like The Van Dusen Gardens Festival of Lights and ice skating at Robson Square.

Does your city have any holiday events or activities that you love to attend?

apple picking at Taves Family Farm













{heaviest pumpkin of my life…}

It’s October, which makes me want to do all things Autumn…like eat and drink anything with the word pumpkin in it, wear flannel plaid shirts and boots, and partake in fall activities like picking apples.  Continue reading