the number one rule I had on my wedding day












The night before Andrew and I’s wedding I sat all my bridesmaids down and told them I had one last request for my big day tomorrow: No one is allowed to ask me any questions. Absolutely none. If there was to be a last minute question that needed to be answered or a decision to be made it had to go to my maid of honor. As the bride I was not to answer a single question or make a single decision on my wedding day. Continue reading


a breakfast at tiffany’s themed bridal shower


My little sister is engaged and I couldn’t be happier!!!  Her recent announcement has me already thinking about wedding colors, themes, dresses, flowers, decorations, accessories, etc. Not mention the events leading up to the wedding like the engagement party, the stagette and the bridal shower!

Here are some photos (taken by yours truly) of my friend Sara’s beautifully themed bridal shower. She is of course the one dressed as Audrey Hepburn. After all what girl doesn’t love breakfast at tiffany’s? Her guests’ only requirements were to wear all black with pearls–talk about a flattering ensemble for everyone!

Have you ever been impressed by a bridal shower you went to? Do you have any great theme or decor ideas? I’ll take all the help I can get!

unique ways to save the date

wedding invite little color final-1

Are you already receiving wedding invitations or save the dates for summer weddings? We are! Which means wedding season never really ends does it? I love when couples come up with unique ways of sharing their wedding date with friends and family.

While we were a little more traditional with our wedding invite, we wanted a fun way to tell our guests to save the date. Continue reading

the two questions I get asked most now that I’m married







When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone kept asking us, “When are you two kids tying the knot?”

Well we finally did (officially last February) officially officially in June, but the questions didn’t stop there. They began again and grew exponentially. Instead of one question, now there’s two!

First both family and friends alike ask, “What’s so different about married life?”

This question is kind of hard to answer… We still live together like we did before, in the same apartment, we drive the same car, we have the same jobs, live in the same city… After the honeymoon we just came back to our regular lives. So I guess at first glance nothing much has changed. Well, one thing: Andrew now wears a gold piece of jewelry… and I quite like the look of it.

But when I take a few more minutes to think about the question, I realize there is something that has changed. Something big. We’re still the same… but now we’re somehow stronger. Every decision we make from here on out, we make as a team. And it’s a team that is respected, revered and understood worldwide. I feel proud to call Andrew my husband instead of just my boyfriend. The title feels nice and secure.

So now when people ask the first question again, I just simply answer, “it’s the same, just better.”

Which then leads them to the second question, “So when are you guys having babies?” I then go into panic mode and think, not yet. Not yet. 

5 useful tips when it comes to writing wedding thank you cards


With summer winding down, the traditional wedding season is officially coming to an end. Any bride and groom will tell you planning a wedding is tough, but just when you think it’s all over you have to remember to do two things: Dry clean your dress (this is still on my to-do list!) and write and mail your thank you cards (Just checked it off!)

We only had 80 guests at our wedding, which means we had about 50 thank you cards to send out to friends and family. But 50 cards is a lot of cards to write!! And how do you sound sincere by the time you get to thank you card number 34?

Here are some tips and tricks I found useful when it came time to to check wedding thank you cards off my to-do list… Continue reading