this is for all the valentine’s day babies

Birthday Balloons

This blog post is dedicated to my dad, my friend Ashlee and everyone else you shares their birthday with Valentine’s Day. These love babies often get their special day taken over by heart shaped balloons, romantic poems and hallmark cards. But today, I’m taking back February 14th!

Who needs chocolate covered strawberries when you can have birthday cake? Who wants stale heart shaped candy and roses when you can receive gift cards and presents! Who needs wine when you can have any type of alcohol you want?! (I actually would still drink wine but that’s just a personal preference)¬†Say no to candle lit dinners. They’re a fire hazard anyway. Mood music? Or dancing music?!! Everyone celebrating each other…? Or everyone celebrating YOU. I think the choice is clear.

Tonight instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day in all its glorious romantic splendor, celebrate a birthday. We’re headed out for a night on the town! Ashlee and I are going to the Miley Cyrus concert where I will attempt to twerk and say “BANGERZ” every 10 seconds (Andrew surprisingly opted out of this experience) and then afterwards he, along with some other friends, are meeting up with us at one of our favorite bars, The Pint, for some dancing.

So go ahead, share this post with anyone you know who has a birthday today. And let them know, not all of us are forgetting their special day… ūüôā


our holiday vacation to cali part 2

The second half of our trip involved traveling a lot on the highway (soooo much traffic!!! The only downside to California I have to admit) to check out many of Southern California’s main attractions like the famous Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island, a San Diego Chargers Game at Qualcomm stadium and of course… Disneyland. You can always see photos from part 1 of our trip to cali here.
<<we got all dressed up one night and headed to the 1500 Ocean restaurant at Hotel Del Coronado for dinner>>


<<after many attempts I finally got my nice dress up holiday photo with monkey>>


<<and one for the photo album with the best brother-in-law>>


<<we saw one the most exciting NFL games of the year in San Diego>>


<<and we rang in the New Year at Disneyland with family and friends>>

I’m originally from the Midwest but after this trip I may have been a Cali girl at heart. I will be back! In fact, we’re even entertaining the idea of convincing ¬†my parents to spend the holidays down south next year. Next time I want to visit Old Town, the San Diego Zoo and try surfing.

Have you ever been to the San Diego area? What do you recommend checking out?

our holiday vacation to cali part 1


<<a father son moment>>


<<andrew with his man crush>>









<<that’s the hollywood sign super far in the distance behind us in case you can’t tell>>




<<and we spent a night at the Staples Center for a Clippers game>>




<<I could wake up to this everyday… honestly>>

Oh… California how you swept me off my feet. ¬†Our holiday vacation was awesome. The weather was unseasonably warm and the tourist attractions and activities were so much fun. We met Andrew’s parents, grandparents, brother and some family friends down south and stayed in Carlsbad. On Christmas Day we enjoyed a day on the beach boogie boarding, reading and finished off the night with a dip in the hot tub. Then on boxing day, I was stuck in bed sick…. all day… why does that always happen once you go on vacation?

Of course Andrew stayed by my side the whole day until I was better… NOT. He got me some nyquil, put me to bed and then headed to the beach. That’s love, I tell ya.

Well it took a couple of days, but once I felt better we headed to L.A. Before heading to a Clippers game, we checked out the famous hollywood walk of fame and went on a tour of the stars’ homes in Beverly Hills… which felt kind of creepy. The creepy feeling only intensified when my hilarious mother-in-law (who is determined to get on the Ellen DeGeneres show) put her business card in Ellen and Portia’s mailbox. Read about the hilarious encounter¬†here. Fingers crossed she calls!

date night idea: Festival of Lights









Can’t get enough of the holiday season? Our christmas tree is still up and I am no hurry to take it down yet. ¬†If you’re feeling festive, check out the Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens before it ends. The display is breathtaking and fun! We went with our friends Jason and Maryam who go every year.

I can’t believe Andrew and I hadn’t been to it sooner. I can see this being added to our yearly holiday traditions as long as we live in Vancouver. And by added I mean, its the only thing on our list so far… we’ll get there…

Have a great weekend!!

merry christmas


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from San Diego!

A part from spending time with loved ones, let’s not forget today is also the day to finish watching all your favorite Christmas movies! Watching A Christmas Story is a tradition in Andrew’s family and its #8 on rotten tomatoes list of the best Christmas movies.¬†Most surprising on this list is that Die Hard is a considered a Christmas movie?? Really…?

What Christmas movies do you watch every year?

Hope you are all having a safe and wonderful day!

xo ash & andrew

our first tree as husband and wife






We got a tree… its tiny to fit our tiny apartment… about 4.5 feet tall and fake… but perfect. Over the weekend we decorated it while listening to Christmas music, cooked a lovely dinner at home and watched Love Actually (our favorite Christmas movie).

It was fun to combine our store bought ornaments with the ones that our families have given to us over the years. My favorite is of course my Michigan state ornament. Everyone in my family has one and seeing it makes me feel connected to them during the holiday season even though they are so far away.

It’s nice to think Andrew and I will do this together year after year for the rest of our lives. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll have a dog running around the tree trying to eat most of our ornaments. And then maybe in 3-4 years we’ll have a kid running around… trying to eat most of the ornaments.

I should probably look into edible ornaments.

vancouver christmas market


Visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market with my two lovely friends, Sara and Lindsay, is becoming an annual tradition. There’s a few things we always have to do while there:¬†drink spiced mulled wine, eat¬†as much German food as our stomachs can take, and try and spot celebrities! Last year we saw Joshua Jackson and Dianne Krueger. This year we had no such luck, but we did see Steve Nash at the mall afterwards!!

After walking around the market today, I officially feel like the Christmas season has begun. It makes me want to go out and get a Christmas tree for Andrew and I to decorate asap (our first!), listen to Christmas music 24/7, finish my Christmas shopping and get around to ordering those Christmas cards…

Not to mention planning trips to go to Vancouver’s other holiday events and activities like The Van Dusen Gardens Festival of Lights and ice skating at Robson Square.

Does your city have any holiday events or activities that you love to attend?