if you went on a shopping spree tomorrow, what would you buy?




Well, believe it or not that’s the exact question I am asking myself right now thanks to Anthropologie. Although I hadn’t worked there in a couple of years, my old store manager called me a few weeks back to say a new store is opening in West Vancouver (in Park Royal South) and was wondering if I would work on a temp basis to help get it ready for its Grand Opening on November 8th.

Oh ya… and I could get the employee discount for one day. That’s right ladies, 40% off for one day at Anthropologie. Needless to say I jumped at the discou…. I mean opportunity. My mind began racing and I asked myself, what would I buy? Continue reading


man-repelling: the fashion trends husbands just don’t understand


We’re all guilty of it… wearing clothes and accessories that are fashion forward to our fellow female friends but repulse the men in our lives. ¬†Case in point: the boyfriend blazer… belted… and cherry red tights. What was I thinking?

Perhaps that’s what makes Leandra Medine’s blog The Man Repeller so popular. Her willingness to wear whatever her heart desires with the flare and style that resembles Carrie Bradshaw is truly intoxicating. I actually got the chance to meet her in Vancouver not to long ago at The Secret Location’s grand opening event. It was so nice to meet her in person and realize she’s normal! Well, wildly successful and somewhat famous, but all in all a normal human being. Her sense of humour and genuine sincerity is what blogging is all about. That’s why I was happy to see she has a book out September 10th called Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.¬†


It made me reflect on all the items of clothing I have worn (and still wear) that other women think are super cute but repel Andrew– and I am sure leave most other men scratching their heads. Continue reading