how many pictures does it take to get a nice photo?






Five. I would say that’s about average. It took five tries to get a nice photo.  There is no scientific data to back this up, but instead a wife’s dedication to take a nice photo with her husband wherever they go– and her husband’s constant ability to screw with her plans.

These photos were taken from our weekend camping in Manning Park, BC. Read more about our camping trip here.


summer’s guilty pleasures

summer pleasures

Ahhh… sweet summer. While the end of you is clearly in sight now, there a several things I will enjoy until your bittersweet end. Continue reading

26 things about me at 26… and some wise words to pass on

yup I just had a birthday… whenever I turn another year older, its fun to reflect on the person I’ve become and what I believe in. So I made a list… but it a got a little silly… for your reading pleasure.

Ashly and Andrew Engagment (27)

1. Being married to your best friend really is as great as it sounds

2. I still don’t own a bed frame. I like to think its because I am trying to be trendy with a low to the ground bed… but its just because I am too cheap to buy one right now

3. I’ve realized avocado really does make any meal taste better

4. I believe going with your gut instinct is still the best way to make a decision

5. Aasics really do make the best running shoe, so its best just to pay extra for it now

6. It makes me a little sad that next year I’ll have to refer to myself as someone in their “late twenties”

7. No money for home decor? No problem. Fresh flowers in a vase can make any room seem brighter


8. There will always be friends who make more money than you do, go on bigger vacations than you do and have nicer things than you do. So don’t try to “keep up with the Jones’s” because you can’t.

9. After watching a marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, my favorite Kardashian is Khloe … hands down

10. Smirnoff Ice comes in a pretty bottle, but has not been enjoyable since I was 19 years old… and will never be again… stay away…

11. A perfect dress is priceless! So invest in them when you find them

12. I have almost accepted that I will never be the same tiny dress size I was in high school

13. Being a bridesmaid is expensive… but so worth it… still… very expensive


14. A party weekend in Vegas has a 3 night limit, for your own good

15. Shellac manicures are worth every penny

16. Spiders, large beetles and moths still freak the hell out of me

17. Napping is healthy! Not to mention awesome

18. Friendships get harder to form the older you get, but the ones you do make are sweeter


19. When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to move away from home, but the older I get the more I want to be closer to family

20. It still amazes me how personal hobbies and extra curricular activities can turn into job opportunities (hello radio!)

21. I have a new appreciation for wedding planners — if you’re engaged, think twice before doing it all yourself!

22. You can never have too many pairs of colored denim pants… or leather boots!

23. Although I now have a Kobo Glo e-reader, I don’t want to part with my books

24. Life will make you pay your dues more than once, so be prepared to prove yourself time and time again

25. Despite my best efforts, I am still addicted to shopping and starbucks… but hey, it could be worse

26. It’s amazing where life can take you if you just keep believing you can get there




Thanks to Brooke from the blog Her Life Lately for tagging me in her post titled “five.” Well, I’ve finally gotten around to posting five things you may not know about me.

<one> When I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I run as fast as I can back to our bedroom afterwards. I’ve never liked the dark!

<two> I am blind as a bat, but I don’t really want to get laser eye surgery because I like wearing my trendy hipster glasses.

<three> Make-up stores like Sephora overwhelm me and make me anxious. I prefer the good ole drugstore for my cosmetics.

<four> One day I hope to write and publish a book.

<five> Lately my favorite piece in my wardrobe is a black faux leather jacket that I got for $40 years ago from Joe Fresh. I always get compliments on it wherever I wear it. Best of all everyone thinks its real!

Now I challenge all of you. Share five things about yourself that some of your readers may not know! I’m especially talking to you ladies: Cait (Blonde On A Budget), CK (Love your clothes, love yourself) and Nikki (Sorella Muse)!

The funny thing about wedding invitations…

TGIF! I don’t know about you, but this week has been a little crazy. It’s only been a month since my Christmas vacation and I find myself muttering “I need a vacation…”

Wedding planning for our 2nd wedding is also ramping up keeping my weekdays busy and weekends busier. So I was pleased to find this video on one my of my favorite blogs A Cup Of Jo! Thanks for sharing Joanna! Anyone who has ever planned this wedding will find this video hilarious.

Have a happy weekend!

Take a coffee break… check!

nails and necklacefull body

I love the to-do list. The only way I survive my restless brain is with to-do lists and an agenda and lots of paper. I actually have 2 day agendas– one for work and one for home. I also have a couple of journals and notepads hanging around our apartment for the many ideas that float into my head, like projects to start, groceries to buy, outfits to try, books to read and blog topics to write about.

It’s probably because I get a huge satisfaction checking off items on my to do lists… so much so that I often will even put: “go for a coffee break with Andrew” on it, just so afterwards I can cross it off as complete. Because at the end of the day, if all else fails at least I got something checked off my to do list. It’s therapeutic. Plus its one more excuse to hang out with Andrew… 🙂

Do you ever put anything silly on your to-do lists, just to make you feel like you got something done?