My Holiday Traveling Essentials



Andrew and I travel to Chicago tomorrow to spend the holidays with the Kissmans’! It’s Andrew’s first Christmas with my extended family and he’s in for a real treat. I can’t wait to share all of our holiday traditions with him.

Here are some things I won’t leave home without when we head for the airport tomorrow!

1. A Large Scarf- I grabbed this comfy, warm and large scarf from the Gap this season when I was supposed to be shopping for friends and family… I can’t wait to travel with it because its large enough to double as a blanket.

2. An Agenda- Yes I am one of the those dorks that likes to write down my to do lists and keep track of the day to day even outside the office. This one is from Chapters… I love its little message too! During the holidays I think its important to remember to Keep Calm.

3. My Macbook Pro- Perfect for long layovers or delayed flights (and we just got word Chicago is supposed to get hit with a blizzard tomorrow!). I keep a stock of TV shows (like New Girl and Boardwalk Empire) and movies on this bad boy to  keep me company so I don’t get bored and don’t spend all my money on magazines at the airport.

4. Hemp Hand Cream- My favorite hand cream from the Body Shop. Some people don’t like the smell, but I don’t mind it… I actually like its earthy scent!

5. A carry-all tote- I love my purple long champ tote! To tell you the truth, its a fake from Hong Kong! But it’s lasted over the years and perfect for traveling. Everything fits in it and its so cute.

6. My glasses- I am blind as a bat and wear contacts almost every day, but for traveling I prefer to wear glasses. I love my Derek Cardigan glasses from

What are your holiday traveling essentials?


Ingredients for a last minute Olympics Party

Andrew was out of town this weekend in San Francisco, so I had a girls night! I decided to throw a last minute Olympic Opening Ceremonies Party. My party ingredients?


Cable TV and Wine…

Royal Diamond Jubilee flags (because, you know, they’re British)…

Party Guests… Hello Laura (left) and Holly (right)

Silver Medals…

Holly made these but she said they were sadly silver because she had no gold aluminum foil (does that even exist?). Check out her blog here! But don’t worry, she didn’t blog about making these medals…

Thanks to Aunty Babs for gifting me with the cute British cupcake accessories (I finally got a chance to use them!) and thanks to Tylor for bringing me back Royal Diamond Jubilee flags from your latest trip to London.

Flower Power: Bridal Bouquets I love

Here are some of the bouquets I love right now pinned from pinterest! I am drawn to bouquets with texture! Combining unique flowers and greens as opposed to just having a traditional bouquet of roses is right up my bridal alley. I met with a florist today: Sarah from Fresh View Events ( in Victoria, BC and even though I didn’t commit to anything quite yet, she passed along some good floral advice:

a) Know your overall budget for flowers and stick to it! Get the florist to work within your budget. When you are wishy washy, that’s when vendors can sell you on other ideas… maybe even more expensive ones… Don’t be afraid to set limits.

b) Be open to different flowers. Roses and peonies may be classic wedding flowers but they are sometimes more expensive. Pick flowers in season, allow the florist to make some budget friendly suggestions.

c) Keep pinning (yay, an excuse to use pinterest)! Send images of bouquets you like to your florist. She or he will be able to tell you whether or not its doable within your budget or out of the question. That way you can get a realistic idea of what you can afford!

d) Ask the florist if they have any vases or other decorative elements, like table runners, that they can use for free when putting together centerpieces… Vendors may not have to charge you if they already have these items left over from other weddings.

I never thought of myself as a floral enthusiast but thanks to Sarah at Fresh View Events, I am starting to view flowers differently.

Table Tops: Wedding Centerpieces I love

I warned you… more wedding stuff… it’s on the brain, I can’t help it! Here are some table tops I love right now from pinterest! I wanted to provide a link to each one to show where the image originated from, but sometimes trying to follow a pin back to its origin is so difficult to do when it’s been repinned so many times! So if any of these images are yours… let me know I will properly link to them!

Here’s what I love about these 4 images: They are simple, affordable, laid back but still pulled together. I keep pinning images with a burlap table runner and mason jars… I think its a sign… that’s what I want  we want! Oops, that was a close one… (wink)

Things I love right now

1. Aromatherapy massage oils, bath salts and body wash from Bath and Body works / 2. Colored Denim! Just bought a minty pair like this one at Bedo last month / 3. Voluspa candles… my favorite scent is Baltic Amber / 4. npr’s Planet Money podcast / 5. “Is It Pay Day Yet?” Sephora by OPI nail polish / 6. Vanilla Frozen Yogurt! perfect summer dessert