go canada go





With Canada winning gold in the Men’s Hockey Final (a game which aired at 4am PST and one that Andrew and I got up at 3:30am to watch with friends!) Andrew and I felt like we glimpsed a part of the Vancouver Olympic spirit that took over this city in 2010.  Continue reading


our adventures in dog-sitting


Kudos to anyone who is a pet-parent because this weekend Andrew and I learned its harder than it looks. We’ve wanted a puppy of our own for some time now… we’ve even considered moving for it (our current apartment is not dog-friendly). But in the end have always put the reality of pet-parenthood off.

So when Holly and her bf Andy wanted a weekend away, we volunteered to house-sit/dog-sit for them. Their cute pooch is named Kea and she is the sweetest most well behaved dog I have ever encountered. Andrew and I both had dogs growing up but this one is by far the most well trained one we’ve ever took care of.

But even with a polite puppy we soon realized that taking care of a dog is not easy. Continue reading

our new weekday rule


February is one tough month. I would argue its a tougher month to get through than January. In January, you’re active with your New Years’ resolutions, you’re taking down all your Christmas decorations, plus giving your place a good early “spring cleaning,” and you’re catching up on all your favorite TV shows you might have missed over the holiday break (I love you PVR).

And then February hits and you realize, I have another month of dark and cold winter! It’s not quite Spring so none of the stores have new warmer weather clothes in stock yet. They’re all still trying to get rid of winter sweaters through sales and discounts but the last thing you want is another winter sweater! You can’t go shopping so instead you come home after work only to sit on the couch and watch hours and hours of TV that you recorded (I hate you PVR).

This winter, Andrew and I realized we were getting into a pretty bad and unhealthy after work routine. We would come home exhausted from our day and sit down only to watch hours and hours of TV. By the time we finally turned the TV off at 10pm or 11pm to go to bed we felt drained and unproductive. It was clear we had to make some drastic changes. Continue reading

growing old together








Photos courtesy of Cambria Grace Photography 

When I saw these pics on buzzfeed I knew I had to share. Here are just some of the photos from the article celebrating a couple’s 61st wedding anniversary. 61 years!!! The photographer used the movie UP as inspiration to create a seriously romantic photoshoot. Go ahead, read the article and try not to smile… I bet you can’t.

The idea of growing old is kind of scary, but its less scary knowing I have Andrew to do it with. It’s like Adam Sandler says to Drew Barrymore so eloquently through this song in the movie The Wedding Singer. Wouldn’t it be nice to grow old with you?

In fact one of the things that made me realize I could be ok growing old with Andrew is when I figured out I could completely be myself around him… and I mean completely… no holding back… for better or for worse kind of thing. For example, I think the minute you can fart in front of your partner or go for weeks without shaving your legs or stink up the bathroom and realize they still love you… then you’re golden. You’ve got it made. Because you know they are going to love you (all of you) through just about anything, including sagging boobies one day. Yup, I just said boobies. It’s a way more fun word than breasts. And the word tits just sounds dirty.

But really, is there a secret to growing old together? In this huffpost article couples try to answer that very question. Number 4 on the list is my all-time favorite:

“Never discuss sensitive subjects when hungry or tired. And eat marshmallows to improve communication. What’s the one thing you can’t possibly do with a mouthful of marshmallows? Talk. Communication is more about listening than talking. I tell my wife, if something I say can be interpreted two ways and one of those ways makes you sad or angry, I meant the other one.” Steven has been married to Sheryl for 20 years (Longwood, FL).

Looks like I better go buy some marshmallows…

Do you have a secret to a long lasting marriage or relationship?

goodbye 2013… hello 2014!




2013, you were one amazing year… and honestly I am sad to see you go. After Andrew and I tied the knot this past summer, we were left asking ourselves, what’s next?

Usually this is when a married couple buys a house and starts popping out babies–thats according to hollywood and the sitcoms on TV. While we do want kids some day, that day is still 3 to 4 years away (if all goes according to plan). And home ownership? Are you kidding? Not while we live in expensive Vancouver. So, what now?

To others, our lives will seem to stay the same. But I think 2014 will be a year of change and transition for both of us. I believe there will highs and lows this year that will test us as a married couple but in the end they will make us stronger. Here’s what I am looking forward to this year:

One, new challenges. My role at work is changing (for the better) and I am learning new skills and new processes daily. It’s always hard start back at square one (I feel like the new kid at school again), I know it will be worth it!

Two, new routines. I have always been an athlete. Running is my preferred form of exercise  but this year I want to try new workouts. Enter the spin class. Thanks to my friend Maryam I am getting out of my comfort zone and going to start attending spin classes at Cadence Cycling Studio to get my legs in shape for my 4th half-marathon in May.

Three, a new space. We’re apartment hunting… for real this time. I’ve fallen out of love with our 2 bedroom basement suite. It’s a steal of a deal as far as the Vancouver rental market goes and our landlords are sooo nice but I am ready for more sunlight and an apartment near the ocean. We live in a coastal city and I want to reap its rewards. So we’ll be looking for a one bedroom place in Kitsilano if anyone knows of a vacancy let us know!

Four, a new outlook on the everyday life. I want to live better with less. I still get to the end of every month with very little left in my bank account. Where does the money go? Great question! I think I’ve figured it out: stuff. I buy too much stuff. I come home with a treat every paycheck whether it be a candle or a new top or scarf. I want to scale back and challenge myself to put a halt on all unnecessary shopping until my birthday in May. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a looong time! But in the grand scheme of things its nothing. And honestly I’ve got a closet full of clothes to keep me company until that time rolls around. Plus it will make my birthday present to myself that much sweeter.

Five, a new blogging perspective. I want to keep documenting our lives as newlyweds and really zone in on the everyday stuff. I want this blog to serve as a space of daily appreciation and inspiration for me and readers. I also want to look for opportunities this year to write for other blogs and websites.

So here’s to 2014! The learning curve will be steep and the challenges will be tough but personal growth never came from more of the same. Change is good… so let’s do this!


the two questions I get asked most now that I’m married







When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone kept asking us, “When are you two kids tying the knot?”

Well we finally did (officially last February) officially officially in June, but the questions didn’t stop there. They began again and grew exponentially. Instead of one question, now there’s two!

First both family and friends alike ask, “What’s so different about married life?”

This question is kind of hard to answer… We still live together like we did before, in the same apartment, we drive the same car, we have the same jobs, live in the same city… After the honeymoon we just came back to our regular lives. So I guess at first glance nothing much has changed. Well, one thing: Andrew now wears a gold piece of jewelry… and I quite like the look of it.

But when I take a few more minutes to think about the question, I realize there is something that has changed. Something big. We’re still the same… but now we’re somehow stronger. Every decision we make from here on out, we make as a team. And it’s a team that is respected, revered and understood worldwide. I feel proud to call Andrew my husband instead of just my boyfriend. The title feels nice and secure.

So now when people ask the first question again, I just simply answer, “it’s the same, just better.”

Which then leads them to the second question, “So when are you guys having babies?” I then go into panic mode and think, not yet. Not yet.