date night idea: Festival of Lights









Can’t get enough of the holiday season? Our christmas tree is still up and I am no hurry to take it down yet.  If you’re feeling festive, check out the Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens before it ends. The display is breathtaking and fun! We went with our friends Jason and Maryam who go every year.

I can’t believe Andrew and I hadn’t been to it sooner. I can see this being added to our yearly holiday traditions as long as we live in Vancouver. And by added I mean, its the only thing on our list so far… we’ll get there…

Have a great weekend!!


double date idea: ice skating at Robson Square


Nothing screams a winter holiday more than some outdoor ice-skating while a live band plays Christmas tunes!

Last week Andrew and I went on a little double date with Holly and her boyfriend Andy to Robson Square downtown Vancouver for some fun ice-skating… until I realized I am not very coordinated on ice skates. Good thing good friends like Holly hold your hand even though they run the risk of you taking them down if you do fall. Luckily I didn’t.

Tomorrow Andrew and I are off to San Diego to spend Christmas and New Years with the in-laws. I’ve never been and am so excited… but I haven’t been able to stop quoting this Ron Burgundy moment.

Have you seen Anchorman 2 yet? What did you think?

the perfect picnic

IMG_4470IMG_4464IMG_4447IMG_4459IMG_4462IMG_4455Magazines and movies will tell you, you need a red checkered blanket, a picnic basket, wine, cheese, flowers, music and hours to sit and talk to really enjoy a picnic with your date. Well if you need all that for romance then, let me tell you, you’re with the wrong person.

Sure, the extravagance is nice once in awhile. But sometimes there’s no money for extravagant things or no time to set it all up. Don’t delay stealing precious moments together just because its not your idea of perfection.

Andrew and I had an hour to kill in between all our insane commitments lately… so we headed to Safeway, bought a Panini and Starbucks and headed to Kits beach to share a nice moment together. On the outside it looked like grabbing a quick bite to eat… but to us, it was a perfect picnic.

a night at FUSE


Several times a year the Vancouver Art Gallery throws an amazing party called FUSE combining art with music and performance for an adults only evening.

Andrew and I had attended a FUSE event once during the winter, but were waiting to attend another one in the summer because that’s when the Art Gallery extends the party to the outdoor patio, where beer and wine can be enjoyed on a beautiful summer night in the city.











This last extremely mind-boggling colorful picture is my favorite room currently at the Art Gallery. It’s apart of the Grand Hotel exhibit— an exhibit all about examining the artistic, social and cultural roles hotels have played in our daily lives. Whereas hotels used to simply be a means of necessity, over the centuries they have now come to represent symbols of status or economic class, architectural masterpieces, cultural havens and rustic experiences. The exhibit is perfect for the history buff/art aficionado… but if you’re a bigger fan of classic art, then maybe give this one a miss.

The next FUSE is November 29th.

Happy Anniversary… er… well one of them

Apologies for my lack of posts this past week. It seems after I got back from my vacation, all my time and energy was spent playing catch up with work, friends and home. And now with the holidays around the corner, it seems the weeks leading up to Christmas will just get busier.

But I did get some quality time with Andrew this past weekend when we celebrated our anniversary. Well one of them… We have more than one anniversary thats important to us; in fact , there are 3 days in the calendar year  I can think of that are special to us– and I am bad with dates! Andrew is usually the one that remembers all this stuff…

But November 30th is especially important because it marks our very first date.


11 years ago, we were 14 years old and Andrew asked me to the semi-formal dance. He had braces (which is why he is not smiling with teeth in this photo) and he was about 3 inches shorter than I was.

That night I purposely chose to keep my shoes off while my mom snapped a few photos of us before the dance. I tried to whisper and tell her to zoom in before she took the photo, so our feet would be out of the frame.

This photo proves she either didn’t hear me… or didn’t listen.

Since it was my mother, she probably just didn’t listen knowing that years from now I would look back on this photo and smile, remembering the time when I used to be bigger than my husband.

Happy Anniversary, hubby xxoo

Does anyone else celebrate the anniversary of their first date? 

Date Night: Hastings Racecourse

More like a “Date Day,” but either way it was just us two, trying out something new in Vancouver together! A couple weekends ago Andrew and I decided to spend the day at the 67th BC Derby at Hastings Racecourse and we dressed to look the part!

We might have looked like a million bucks but I think we only brought $20 with us to the Derby. Entry was free… perogies were $8… a Coke was $2 I believe… which left $10 for some high stakes bettin’!

On the first race we picked horses based on their reputation. Andrew put (wait for it…) a whole $2 on the horse expected to win the whole Derby. And I put $2 on the horse expected to take third place…you know… because I like to root for the underdog. We held our breath as we watched the horses zoom around the track, cheering loudly and thinking of that famous scene in My Fair Lady where Audrey Hepburn spews profanity at a high society Racecourse and makes a proper British woman faint! The race finished and then… nothing. We won nothing. Niether of our horses finished first or even placed.

It took 30 minutes for the next race to begin. We bet again… based on the horse’s odds of winning and the second race took place. We held our breath as the horses crossed the finish line… but again nothing. We had lost again! So we placed our bets again and waited another 30 minutes until the third race began. Then the horses raced. Nothing.

Frustrated, I decided to change my strategy. I decided to bet on the winning horse based on the horse’s name and not on how it was projected to finish. Andrew adopted the same strategy. I picked a horse named Exotic Light. Andrew picked the Naughty Librarian. And believe it or not, it worked! Good ole’ Exotic Light pulled through and placed third. I won! I finally picked the right horse. We were both so excited. It was as if we had won the lottery.

So I happily went to claim my winnings: 60 cents. That’s it. I bet $2 and got 60 cents. But you know what? It was the best 60 cents of my life.