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2 years ago today we eloped… in a park… with an officiant named Rita… and 3 dear friends. Yup, we got married twice. Once on paper and the other in front of 80 family and friends. I know what you’re thinking… what anniversary will we consider our official wedding anniversary moving forward? This one? Or our actual wedding date in June?

Truth be told we haven’t really decided one way or the other. So our indecisive selves decided just to honor the date with dinner at The Flying Pig in Gastown and some Walking Dead episodes (we’re still trying to catch up on season 3).

So what have I learned in the last two years of marriage? Compromise and communication are key, and you can’t always get what you want. It’s about the two of us together. When I asked Andrew what he’s learned in the last two years of marriage all he said was, “to just say yes…”


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