our adventures in dog-sitting


Kudos to anyone who is a pet-parent because this weekend Andrew and I learned its harder than it looks. We’ve wanted a puppy of our own for some time now… we’ve even considered moving for it (our current apartment is not dog-friendly). But in the end have always put the reality of pet-parenthood off.

So when Holly and her bf Andy wanted a weekend away, we volunteered to house-sit/dog-sit for them. Their cute pooch is named Kea and she is the sweetest most well behaved dog I have ever encountered. Andrew and I both had dogs growing up but this one is by far the most well trained one we’ve ever took care of.

But even with a polite puppy we soon realized that taking care of a dog is not easy. We found we had to strategically plan our day around coming back to the house to take Kea for walks, feeding her, and just being home with her. We couldn’t justify leaving her at home all day (although we realize for some pet owners that is a reality). It was a lot to think about especially when Andrew and I are so used to leaving our house at 8am and then not coming home until 9pm.

If we did get a dog the days of us leaving straight from work to grab a beer with friends, or stay late at the office would come to an end since one of us would have to make time to get home and care for our dog. But of course the rewards of having a pet are so sweet. For example, it was nice that Kea was so cuddly… she just wanted to be loved. While we watched a marathon of House of Cards on the couch she was more than happy to cuddle up next to us and sleep. We also loved taking her for walks, like to the dog park at Kits Beach (pictured). One thing we didn’t realize is although it was zero degrees out that didn’t stop Kea from getting in the water! When we finally left the beach, we spread a towel out for the wet dog to sit on but unfortunately it didn’t stretch the length of the backseat and of course Kea sat on the one part that wasn’t covered by the towel…

….as Andrew likes to say, “she’s lucky she’s cute.”


To read more about Kea’s adventures and what its like to have a dog in Vancouver, check out some of Holly’s latest blog posts here and here.


5 thoughts on “our adventures in dog-sitting

  1. Kea had so much fun with you guys and you were great foster puppy parents. when the time is right and you find the perfect dog for you, all those things like figuring out timing, and adjusting plans doesn’t really matter. it becomes second nature, you want to be around them, include them, and in our case… show them off! we’re so proud of Kea!! and i take credit for her being snuggly!!
    p.s. i’ll clean your car seat!!

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