our new weekday rule


February is one tough month. I would argue its a tougher month to get through than January. In January, you’re active with your New Years’ resolutions, you’re taking down all your Christmas decorations, plus giving your place a good early “spring cleaning,” and you’re catching up on all your favorite TV shows you might have missed over the holiday break (I love you PVR).

And then February hits and you realize, I have another month of dark and cold winter! It’s not quite Spring so none of the stores have new warmer weather clothes in stock yet. They’re all still trying to get rid of winter sweaters through sales and discounts but the last thing you want is another winter sweater! You can’t go shopping so instead you come home after work only to sit on the couch and watch hours and hours of TV that you recorded (I hate you PVR).

This winter, Andrew and I realized we were getting into a pretty bad and unhealthy after work routine. We would come home exhausted from our day and sit down only to watch hours and hours of TV. By the time we finally turned the TV off at 10pm or 11pm to go to bed we felt drained and unproductive. It was clear we had to make some drastic changes.

We thought, should we get rid of cable? And then we laughed until we were crying. What a silly question. Let’s not be foolish… we’re not that desperate (not to mention it comes free with our rent!) But now we limit ourselves to 2 hours of TV a night. For me that means I get to watch my guilty pleasures like The Bachelor on Monday nights and Andrew can watch sports and his favorite show Elementary on Thursday nights. We now pay attention to what’s on TV rather than mindlessly watching shows we don’t care much for. And that’s where the PVR works great because when you want to turn off the TV but don’t want to miss a show, you can simply press record (Ok, I love you again PVR… you can stay)

When the TV is off, we talk more, read more and generally feel like we have more energy at night.

Do you limit you or your family’s TV watching on a daily basis?


11 thoughts on “our new weekday rule

  1. It was my New Years Resolution to watch less TV! It’s going okay….there are still binge days but way less of them. I’ve been reading/exercising/socializing way more and I definitely feel better about my life. Great Chinese New Year Resolution! 🙂

  2. Were about to turn our house upside down, by removing the tv in the lounge and passing it on to mr 15 and using his tiny screen instead. This is to stop hubby from slobbing on his days off (his words not mine) Plus we’ll be doing games night instead of movie night. I couldn’t care less about the tv really, so it won’t bother me too much. Can’t wait to see their faces!

    • Wow moving the tv out of theliving room is a big step but it sounds like your 15 year old will be happy! I love games night, what a great idea. My new favorite game is Settlers of Katan.

      • Yes he will, it all coincides with his 15th birthday. I haven’t heard of that game, but I think we might be investing in a few new ones. It’s certainly going to be a steep learning curve. For them more than me.

  3. first of all, that is a super creepy picture!!
    second of all, yes, i completely agree with you. Andy and I, as a resolution, decided that yes, we like spending an evening getting super into a show and binge-ing on it, but we also need to have nights where we don’t loose ourselves into them. on those nights we feel more productive and feel like we’ve spent quality time together.

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