on the subject of… my purple sweatpants


Perhaps this is married life. Perhaps this is what its like to get a little too comfortable with your spouse. Perhaps this is what happens the older you get and the longer you live together. But when I come home from work on a dark cold night, my after 5pm routine usually involves changing out of my work clothes and into the comfiest ensemble ever: my purple sweatpants. 

There’s quite a few things in my closet Andrew despises, but these pants top the list!

These beauties–which by the way say “heart-breaker” on the side in case you can’t tell–are my lazy, lounging go tos. Let’s just say they’re the pants that no one should ever see you in. The only time I have ever wore these pants outside was on a camping trip… and even then they probably should have stayed at home.

I scored them for $10 at Forever 21 a year back and ever since I brought them home Andrew keeps threatening to burn them. They are not slimming, nor are they particularly flattering and yet they are so warm and soft. I can clean in them, read in them, yoga in them, watch tv in them and cuddle under a blanket in them. In fact I am blogging in them right now.

Andrew often asks me when I am going to get rid of them. And I reply I will when he buys me a new pair of sweatpants. I’m still waiting…

Do you change into loungewear after work? (And if you answer no I am going to assume you’re on a reality TV show or lying.)

P.S. The fashion trends men just don’t understand.


14 thoughts on “on the subject of… my purple sweatpants

  1. Tell him it only gets worse from here. There are days I don’t get out of my pajamas or sweatpants until at least 1 or 2 pm. Then there are days were I just live in my white terry cloth bathrobe. I feel like The Ghost of Christmas Present.

  2. Depends what I’ve been wearing as to what I change into. As I don’t work as such and when I do it is strictly nice casual – jeans and a top – I decide based on how my day has been. From work or bike riding it may well be the comfiest $10 Big W yoga pants (I bought 3 pairs they were so good) or from going out and skirt wearing it may be jeans. After dinner dishes are done, its coffee and pj time.

    • Nice! Ya my day job is actually quite casual as well… but when I come home I am just so cold (and sometimes wet thanks to Vancouver’s rain) and all I want to do is get warm. If my sweatpants are dirty I will change into my yoga pants too! My fave yoga pants are my Calvin Klein ones, but I got them from a discount store and can’t find them anywhere anymore- if I had I also would have bought multiple pairs 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Haha! Well, the problem I have this winter is basically living in my black/dark gray exercise pants from Lulu-lemon. They are very comfortable and they make my butt looks good. I do not know what I am going to do come summer – dang!

    • Those pants sound a lot more flattering than my purple sweatpants lol. I think during the summer when its lighter out for longer, I’ll be less tempted to change into sweatpants by 6pm.

  4. i have about 3 pairs of similar pants that i wore as loungers in college and still have in my closet… no shame here. but i definitely think it’s funny what the spouse decides to like or not like – jon is very vocal – anytime i wear black i hear ‘that’s a very funeral-ish dress’ and anytime i wear a dress ‘oh wow, dresses sure do look nice on you.’ gentle persuasion, right? or maybe the funeral comment is not so gentle…

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