have a happy weekend


This weekend I have the apartment all to myself! Andrew is away for work and I have to admit, being alone is pretty nice once in awhile. I’ve never lived by myself; I’ve always lived with family, roomates or Andrew. So when I do get some time to myself I relish in the luxury! My solo plans involve lots of baths and to watch as much HGTV and TLC as I want. In fact, I often leave the TV on while home alone… even if I am not in the living room, because otherwise the silence kind of freaks me out. I am not used to it!

Plus I hate sleeping alone! When I turn off all the lights and go to bed I only then begin thinking of every single scary movie I have ever watched in my life and then imagine all the ghosts, murderers, monsters, and zombies are coming to kill me all at once.

Anyone else have that irrational fear? No? Just me? …great…

The good news is I am keeping myself busy (and that will hopefully curb those scary before bed time thoughts) until Andrew comes home. On Saturday I’ve got my better-late-then-never staff holiday party and on Sunday I’ve got brunch plans with Cait and Holly. And thanks to a tip from a co-worker I will be starting my new half marathon training schedule this Sunday! I’m signed up for the BMO Half Marathon on May 4th (I’ll write more about that later).

Your bank accounts could be the secret to a happy marriage.

How to wear red lipstick.

Is this Olympic team uniform for real??!

Lately my favorite place to buy bras is American Eagle. So I was so happy to see their new positive ad campaign.

Do guys care about style as much as us ladies? Former bachelorette Jillian Harris interviews her boyfriend about what he is wearing.

This is what Vancouver looked like in the 70’s.

Imagine… your used car today could become your down payment on a condo tomorrow. I had to read it to believe it.

What are your plans this weekend?


11 thoughts on “have a happy weekend

  1. A weekend alone, that’s no time at all. Two maybe 3 sleeps. With everything you want to do there’ll be no time to sleep. I do agree with you about the scary movies, I won’t watch them while hubby is away as I can’t sleep, when he’s home, I’m all good. I spose being used to sleeping on my own most of the time I have no issue with it, but there are times when I relish the opportunity to do both.

  2. You and I are in the same shoe. Your dad has been in DC since Jan. 20th and yes, when I go to sleep, I also do think about all the scary movies I have watched and find it very hard to fall asleep….. ah, life; I have taught you well. But you are right, it is good being alone once in a while.

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