the number one rule I had on my wedding day












The night before Andrew and I’s wedding I sat all my bridesmaids down and told them I had one last request for my big day tomorrow: No one is allowed to ask me any questions. Absolutely none. If there was to be a last minute question that needed to be answered or a decision to be made it had to go to my maid of honor. As the bride I was not to answer a single question or make a single decision on my wedding day.

I am sure this request sounded odd. I can imagine some of my bridesmaids even rolled their eyes thinking this was just another one of my bridezilla moments. But I stood firm on my one rule. And here’s why: I remembered being a bridesmaid at other friends’ weddings and asking the bride a question only to watch her stress out before my very eyes. It didn’t matter what the question was… “When are the flowers going to arrive?” or “Did you want all the bridesmaids to have their hair up or down?”

For those of you who are about to walk down the aisle, let me tell you, you will have so many things on your mind on your wedding day that any additional question will actually break you. You know the saying the “straw that broke the camel’s back”? Well guess what, you will be the camel and that straw will be someone asking you, “What time is the limo going to arrive?”

Today’s modern bride plans most of her wedding if not all of it without much help from far away family or friends. Which means leading up to the wedding any bride (and groom) has had to make hundreds upon hundreds of decisions about this ONE day of their lives. Everything from where will get married? To what color are the napkins? Champagne toast or no champagne toast? Dessert table or candy bar? Veil or no veil? Speeches before or after the cake cutting? How will Aunt Ethel get to the reception? Don’t even get me started on the decisions surrounding the seating chart…By the end of it all you won’t want to make another single decision for a very very long time (which is why all inclusive honeymoons are so popular).

Every bride wants to remain calm, cool and collected on her wedding day. You want your photographer to capture your serene face and effortless but glowing bridal beauty… you don’t want to be seen rubbing your temples or pacing the floor of your bridal suite because you’re still answering questions and making decisions hours before you walk down the aisle.

So how did my bridesmaids do? Well the only question I was asked was, “Mimosa now, or later?” If there were any other questions to be answered, they must have figured it out on their own because I was oblivious to anything that might have went wrong. And as a result I completely calm, cool and collected.

Did you have any weird requests on your wedding day?

P.S. I changed the look of the blog yet again… I just can’t decide on a new look yet. But I like how I can customize this one more. Need to learn some html coding so I can really make the blog pop!

P.P.S Have you seen Kate Bosworth’s wedding? I am in love.


4 thoughts on “the number one rule I had on my wedding day

  1. Such gorgeous photos!! You looked totally relaxed 🙂 I think that was a great rule – my mom got remarried a few years ago and at some point I just had to steal her phone and send her to get ready. She was trying to coordinate stuff right up until the ceremony! It ended up being absolutely perfect but I think I might have to steal your rule (when I finally do get married). 🙂

    XOXO Christy

    PS LOVE the new look!

    • Aww thanks! Yes, lots of brides try to rule the day because they want everything to be perfect. But at some point you need to let things go and trust you planned everything the best as you could. Plus, I was amazed at how helpful everyone was on the wedding day. The bridal party and friends really stepped up to make sure Andrew and I were having a great day.

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