have a happy weekend


The weekend is here and this week has felt like a marathon, so needless to say I am happy to be at the finish line. What are you up to this weekend? Andrew and I are breaking our Friday night routine (that usually involves staying home and watching a movie in our PJs) and are going on a double date with some friends to The Boathouse restaurant for Dine Out Vancouver. And then on Sunday, its Football day! We’re cooking some turkey chili and cheering on the Seahawks and hope they beat the 49ers. Go Seahawks Go!

In other news, here’s my new morning routine.

This is how one blogger’s husband cheers her up when she’s feeling down. So cute!

I thought I had a small apartment… but this couple puts me to shame. They live in an apartment that’s only 250 square feet (and blog about it)! Whaaaaaaatttt?

A coconut hot cocoa recipe I want to try this weekend.

What city should you live in? I got Portland!??!!!

After reading my friend Cait’s book review on Stop Over Thinking Your Money by Preet Banerjee I bought the book for my Kobo… because she has that kind of influential power over me.  She’s giving away a copy on her blog to Canadian readers too!

Did you see the new Game of Thrones trailer for season 4?! I love the series so much I started reading all the books so I know what happens next… and trust me… it’s going to blow your mind.

When one girl gets engaged to a pilot they have an engagement photo shoot in the most unlikely of places.

Have a happy weekend everyone!


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