have a happy weekend


What are you up to this weekend? We’re supposed to get torrential downpour in Vancouver so we plan to stay indoors as much as we can. Our “inside” plans involve a poker game with friends on Saturday and watching the Golden Globes on Sunday… not for the stars,  or the awards but for the dresses and of course the hosts: Amy and Tina. They should host everything… from now on.

I really love how other bloggers post a nice weekly wrap up post on Fridays so I thought I would get in on the fun. There are often articles I read that I would love to simply share but not necessarily write or offer my opinion on. So with that said, here are some posts I loved this week:

Still looking for some inspiration this 2014? Here are some Amy Poehler quotes to live by

This TED Talk gives new meaning to the saying: Looks aren’t everything (Thanks to my aunt for sharing)

Save more money in 2014 with these suggestions by Kali over at the blog Common Sense Millennial. I just started the 52 week savings plan! (I’ll write more about that later)

This is the coolest new trend in wedding videos

Kind of into all the hype around Sasheer Zamata-the newest and first black female cast member of SNL. Do we really still live in world where this is a “first”?

I love looking at photos of how people organize tiny living spaces ( die clutter! die!)

The Disney Villain Perfume Line is here… you know because you’ve been waiting for it your whole life

Have a happy weekend!


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