our holiday vacation to cali part 1


<<a father son moment>>


<<andrew with his man crush>>









<<that’s the hollywood sign super far in the distance behind us in case you can’t tell>>




<<and we spent a night at the Staples Center for a Clippers game>>




<<I could wake up to this everyday… honestly>>

Oh… California how you swept me off my feet.  Our holiday vacation was awesome. The weather was unseasonably warm and the tourist attractions and activities were so much fun. We met Andrew’s parents, grandparents, brother and some family friends down south and stayed in Carlsbad. On Christmas Day we enjoyed a day on the beach boogie boarding, reading and finished off the night with a dip in the hot tub. Then on boxing day, I was stuck in bed sick…. all day… why does that always happen once you go on vacation?

Of course Andrew stayed by my side the whole day until I was better… NOT. He got me some nyquil, put me to bed and then headed to the beach. That’s love, I tell ya.

Well it took a couple of days, but once I felt better we headed to L.A. Before heading to a Clippers game, we checked out the famous hollywood walk of fame and went on a tour of the stars’ homes in Beverly Hills… which felt kind of creepy. The creepy feeling only intensified when my hilarious mother-in-law (who is determined to get on the Ellen DeGeneres show) put her business card in Ellen and Portia’s mailbox. Read about the hilarious encounter here. Fingers crossed she calls!


11 thoughts on “our holiday vacation to cali part 1

  1. Hey now, I’m Shelley’s date for the Ellen sjow! After all, I was the other crazy one on that tour! Not too worry, Botj Shelley and I are going to be invited, which means we’ll each get to bring a guest! FYI, you & Andrew are always welcome to visit in So. Cal., my guest room is yours for the asking, along with my pool & spa!

  2. andrew’s man crush is my real life celebrity crush – matt’s a hunk! just watch goodwill hunting if you need reminding 🙂 looks like a wonderful trip – i’m jealous of all the sunshine!

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