vancouver christmas market


Visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market with my two lovely friends, Sara and Lindsay, is becoming an annual tradition. There’s a few things we always have to do while there: drink spiced mulled wine, eat as much German food as our stomachs can take, and try and spot celebrities! Last year we saw Joshua Jackson and Dianne Krueger. This year we had no such luck, but we did see Steve Nash at the mall afterwards!!

After walking around the market today, I officially feel like the Christmas season has begun. It makes me want to go out and get a Christmas tree for Andrew and I to decorate asap (our first!), listen to Christmas music 24/7, finish my Christmas shopping and get around to ordering those Christmas cards…

Not to mention planning trips to go to Vancouver’s other holiday events and activities like The Van Dusen Gardens Festival of Lights and ice skating at Robson Square.

Does your city have any holiday events or activities that you love to attend?


10 thoughts on “vancouver christmas market

  1. I’m so happy you posted a couple other things to check out! I’m going to the Christmas Market w/ a friend who will be in town from Toronto next week, and since it’s my first Christmas on the mainland I have been wondering what else I should check out. The Festival of Lights looks amazing!

  2. chicago has a similar christmas market that we make a habit of visiting every year – so much fun with the cocoa and the gifts and the lights 🙂 and you’ve yet to decorate a christmas tree? i’m hoping that’s about to change — it’s a lot of fun 🙂

    • I know! I helped my sister decorate hers last year when I went to visit but Andrew and I are usually on vacation for 2 weeks in December so we never get around to decorating our own tree. But this year we don’t leave on vacation until the 24th so I think we should get our own tree.

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