happy (american) thanksgiving weekend


The only turkey I made this (American) Thanksgiving weekend was my turkey tacos. Its true I had these grand plans to make my first big turkey dinner this year. I even got this great recipe from Jennifer, blogger over at The Apartment Wife.

But then I realized (American) Thanksgiving fell on the same dates I had planned to have a girls weekend. So in the end, I chose shopping Black Friday sales (in Canada), seeing Beyonce in concert (floor tickets!!), and a visit to the Vancouver Christmas Market with my girlfriends instead cooking a big feast (more to come on those fun activities later). Can you blame me?

Because I failed to make my own (American) Thanksgiving dinner this year I decided to live vicariously through these blog posts and links instead:

This is what I would have wore.

I would have made sure to paint my nails this color.

To try and decide our holiday menu I would have used this Thanksgiving slot machine— not sure how practical this is but, so much fun!

When we have a young family one day, I envision our thanksgiving day looking something like this.

But in reality, kiddies are a long way off, so we would have hosted a friendsgiving instead that looked like this.

And to ensure there were no awkward silences at our friendsgiving dinner table we would have used these Thanksgiving madlibs to keep the conversation going and make it one memorable night.

Oh well, there’s always next year…


5 thoughts on “happy (american) thanksgiving weekend

  1. Oh I think missing Turkey on thanksgiving is not a good idea. Now be-aware and don’t miss cold turkey on Christmas day, as stated by Honey 🙂


  2. Okay that’s it, next year, you are cooking the Thanksgiving dinner and everything will look like the pictures you posted in this blog!

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