the perfect picnic

IMG_4470IMG_4464IMG_4447IMG_4459IMG_4462IMG_4455Magazines and movies will tell you, you need a red checkered blanket, a picnic basket, wine, cheese, flowers, music and hours to sit and talk to really enjoy a picnic with your date. Well if you need all that for romance then, let me tell you, you’re with the wrong person.

Sure, the extravagance is nice once in awhile. But sometimes there’s no money for extravagant things or no time to set it all up. Don’t delay stealing precious moments together just because its not your idea of perfection.

Andrew and I had an hour to kill in between all our insane commitments lately… so we headed to Safeway, bought a Panini and Starbucks and headed to Kits beach to share a nice moment together. On the outside it looked like grabbing a quick bite to eat… but to us, it was a perfect picnic.


7 thoughts on “the perfect picnic

  1. so well said.. a wonderful post. reminds me of that country song, “Maybe later on we will walk down to the river
    Lay on a blanket and stares up at the moon
    It may not be the French Riviera
    But it is all the same to me as long as I am with you”

  2. i couldn’t agree more. with such busy schedules, it can be really difficult to make time for each other. so the moments you do get are that much more precious.

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