unique ways to save the date

wedding invite little color final-1

Are you already receiving wedding invitations or save the dates for summer weddings? We are! Which means wedding season never really ends does it? I love when couples come up with unique ways of sharing their wedding date with friends and family.

While we were a little more traditional with our wedding invite, we wanted a fun way to tell our guests to save the date. So my talented brother in law (and our Best Man) designed this awesome save the date comic strip for us. I love it because it also tells the story of how we met!

Here are some more fun save the date ideas from buzzfeed–36 to be exact! I especially love #1, #9, #11, #19, and #22.

Have you ever received a fun save the date or created one yourself? Or are you a bride to be with already something in mind? Don’t lie… it’s perfectly ok to start planning your wedding before the ring 😉


10 thoughts on “unique ways to save the date

    • No, he does it for fun! He used to have a website but I think it doesn’t exist anymore. I told him he should start offering to do wedding invites in comic strip form–there are people who would love that!!

  1. Nice shout out to Matt. Unfortunately, his website was snatched by a group who troll popular sites and buy the next year’s rights before the owner does. Matt can’t get any of his comics back unless he pays the group an inordinate sum of money.

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