welcome winter, welcome


Well November has arrived; winter is here and you know what? I am ok with it. It’s easy to welcome winter to Vancouver when the worst weather you have to worry about is torrential downpour. Hey, it could be worse. Calgary already has snow on the ground. And I have way too many memories of bad winter storms in Michigan that kept me stranded at home or worse–a friend’s home–because it was too dangerous to be on the road. So I’ll take some rain… even when it rains all day. I’ll just live in my Hunter rain boots for the next several months.

These photos were actually taken last winter. I found them on an old memory card and completely forgot about them until now. But I remember the day so well– it was late in the season and we decided to take a walk on Wreck Beach. This infamous beach is a local favorite in the summer because its the city’s only nude beach with a crazy culture all its own. But in the winter this place is a quiet and calm oasis with a long sandy beach and mountain views. Yup, this is our winter. And I am not complaining.

November is an exciting month for us! For one, we finally got a PVR! Funny thing is we were all ready to finally buy one (after a long conversation about whether to get one or not) when we mentioned it to our landlord and he said he actually had an extra one we could “borrow” until he needed it back. As you can imagine it’s pretty much changed our life. We’re headed to Seattle with some friends next weekend to watch a Washington Huskies football game. Then we’ve got American Thanksgiving and I am planning to make my first turkey! Wish me luck! And at the end of the month I’ve got tickets to see Beyonce’s Mrs Carter World Tour with three girlfriends!!! I better get my “freakum” dress on (total Beyonce song reference there if you didn’t catch it).

Do you have any exciting plans this month?


14 thoughts on “welcome winter, welcome

    • Thanks! Its not a bridge, its this crazy long staircase that leads down to the beach. Walking down it is pretty… walking back up it is a whole ‘nother story! (feel the burn!)

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  2. Some part of you misses that Michigan snow, right? Minneapolis is having a blizzard tomorrow night, and I’m a little bit excited about waking up to the blanket of white snow. What kind of turkey are you planning to make??

  3. Not sure what is happening. But, your blog went on my feed, and great news, 5 people liked it. I deleted it off my post list, because i didn’t know what was going on. Do you?? 🙂

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