on the subject of… halloween


So my Medusa costume turned out alright after all… and I did get a second chance to wear my bridesmaid dress from my friend Sara’s wedding last Spring.

While I spent a couple weeks thinking long and hard about my costume, Andrew tends to think of a Halloween costume about an hour before we head out to a Halloween party. In fact he found his “traffic cop” costume at the Dollar Store next to his work just last week.

Our friends Phil and Emily came over from Victoria to visit us for Halloween and although they were reluctant at first to party hard or watch any scary movies… we made them do both! Good thing they love us, because that doesn’t make us sound like very friendly hosts.

They admitted later the only reason they were hesitant to go to a Halloween party (they originally wanted to spend the evening at home watching non-scary movies) was because they didn’t have a good costume to wear. But they stepped up to the plate when Emily came out in a fantastic bumble bee costume and Phil dressed as a Frenchman! Don’t worry, he’s actually French so its not culturally insensitive… I think…

So as we were all getting dressed in our costumes and taking photos, Andrew looks around and says sadly… “Everyone’s costume is better than mine!”

“Well maybe if you took more than an hour to think about your costume you would have a cooler one,” I reply.

“Ya, next year I will spend a lot more time on my costume– its going to be awesome!” He says.

He says that every year…


2 thoughts on “on the subject of… halloween

    • Thanks! It worked out well! The snakes were a bit challenging to get in my hair … I ended up using three headbands and interweaving the snakes through them to create a snake-y hair do. Viola!

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