if you went on a shopping spree tomorrow, what would you buy?




Well, believe it or not that’s the exact question I am asking myself right now thanks to Anthropologie. Although I hadn’t worked there in a couple of years, my old store manager called me a few weeks back to say a new store is opening in West Vancouver (in Park Royal South) and was wondering if I would work on a temp basis to help get it ready for its Grand Opening on November 8th.

Oh ya… and I could get the employee discount for one day. That’s right ladies, 40% off for one day at Anthropologie. Needless to say I jumped at the discou…. I mean opportunity. My mind began racing and I asked myself, what would I buy?

I realize I’ll only get one shot at this. One shot at buying the things I really want and then my wonderful employee discount will be gone forever… again. It’s really a lot of pressure. So I’ve decided to prepare myself: making lists, doing my research and filling my online shopping basket at Anthropologie.com with goodies I think I may want to try on in store. I want to eliminate any shopper’s regret and only come home with items that were on my list.

It’s only now I realize that most of my items are all black, grey and dark hunter green. Well either I have been watching too much Elementary (I am in love with Watson’s–aka Lucy Lui–wardrobe on that TV show) or I’ve spilled too many coffees on myself, but this Fall I want to fill my wardrobe with sophisticated dark neutrals that are office appropriate but I can still wear on the weekend. I am drawn to edgier ensembles that will look great with flats or ankle boots.

My plan is to buy 2-3 things I really want during my upcoming shopping spree– while I know that number for most doesn’t scream “spree” it does for me because I plan to spend my money on investment pieces rather than just the random shirt on sale (which is what I normally do). The items at the top of my list to try on include:

One. a great office appropriate cocktail dress I can wear to work functions

Two. a pair of trousers

Three. the dressy pull-over sweatshirt

Four. a jacket that I can wear over a blouse or a t-shirt to the office or on the weekend

Five. a versatile blouse

Six. a new pair of denim–I just am in love with this grey color

If you could go on a shopping spree tomorrow, what would you spend your money on?


13 thoughts on “if you went on a shopping spree tomorrow, what would you buy?

    • I know! I love everything she wears… My mom and I had a full conversation about her wardrobe the other day on the phone… I want my whole wardrobe to look like that!

  1. I would change my style completely and buy things like Lucy Liu (even though I wouldn’t look like her) but hell, I will be wearing some cool/stylist clothes. However, I really like # 3 and 5 – Christmas presents for me???? 🙂

  2. Anthro is one of my favorite stores – I could get lost for hours just looking around. The prices usually make my cry a little bit though. You work that employee discount! And I will be incredibly jealous-I-mean-happy for you! 😉

    • Haha! I know… the store is pretty pricey. When I worked there part time I bought a lot of things there thanks to the discount… but ever since I stopped working there most of the items are out of my price range. Which is so sad!

  3. Nice!! I love the clothes there and think an employee discount would definitely help cut costs!! I love all of the looks- they have the best clothes there! If I could splurge on anything, I think it would be a pair of Louboutin heels and/or a Chanel bag!!

  4. eeek! i don’t know how i missed the post, but a) i like all your outfit choices (we should share a closet) and b) what a wonderful opportunity (get you all glammed up for the holidays!)

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