on the subject of… buying dishes


photo courtesy of crate and barrel

You know that shopping rule to curb impulse spending that says if you really want something you should wait several days before buying it to see if you really want it? While I have to admit I don’t follow that rule enough… Andrew lives by it.

Before Andrew buys anything he must really feel like he’s considered all his options. Even if he already knows what he’s going to buy. This is a process, that while frustrating, no longer surprises me. I simply know I have to go through the motions in order for him to feel ready to make a big purchase. And folks, a big purchase is anything above $100… so as you can imagine we go through this process together a lot.

A month ago, we went to the mall to look at dishes and we both agreed we wanted all white dish-ware. We love the clean, simple and elegant look. But there were square white dishes, round white dishes, asymmetrical white dishes and textured white dishes… who knew there was so many different types of white dishes?

After examining all the dishes on display, we decided we would probably end up with the simple round white dish-ware, but Andrew wasn’t ready to commit.

“Looks like we like these dishes, should we get them?” I ask. “Not yet… let’s think about it more.” Andrew replies.

So we left the store empty-handed, only to return the following weekend to look at the same dishes again.

This time we went to two stores. Andrew went beyond just examining the display dishes and asked the salesperson to grab a box-set of dishes and then proceeded to remove the dishes from the box, look at them closely, then put them back in the box, give the box back to sales person to put back on the shelf… it was at this moment that I had hoped he was ready to take the plunge, but instead he said, “Ok, well let’s take some more time to think about it.” So we left the store with no shopping bags in tow.

During our third trip to the mall I began to think if we don’t come home with dishes today I don’t think I can go on another ‘dish-shopping’ excursion like this again. ย As he stood there looking at the same dishes again, picking them up, putting them down, comparing prices, deciding whether we should get a set of 8 or set of 6, I ask, “So… can we get them already?”

“Ya, I think so. What do you think?” He asks. I smile, roll my eyes and think I knew we were going to get them three weeks ago…

Next up on his list: a raincoat… he’s had his eye on one in particular from MEC for 2 months now. He’s tried it on a few times… but still has yet to buy it. Let’s just say I am not holding my breath.


9 thoughts on “on the subject of… buying dishes

  1. I wish one of my couple was indecisive or a little bit ‘research-oriented’ when it came to purchases — we’re both spontaneous shoppers, and that leads to quite a bit of mayhem ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha! I can imagine! I guess we balance each other out– thats a good way to look a it… every now and then I can convince him to be spontaneous but it doesn’t happen often. I dread the day we go shopping for new couches

  2. andy’s the same way, unless it comes to groceries. if there’s a new product or somethings on sale…’lets try this!!’ then we have a sample taste and are left with it in the fridge for a month untouched!!

    • Oh no! Ya, thats where sales at the grocery store get you. Just because onion cheddar perogies are on sale doesn’t mean you are supposed to get two even when you never usually buy them in the first place!

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