the two questions I get asked most now that I’m married







When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone kept asking us, “When are you two kids tying the knot?”

Well we finally did (officially last February) officially officially in June, but the questions didn’t stop there. They began again and grew exponentially. Instead of one question, now there’s two!

First both family and friends alike ask, “What’s so different about married life?”

This question is kind of hard to answer… We still live together like we did before, in the same apartment, we drive the same car, we have the same jobs, live in the same city… After the honeymoon we just came back to our regular lives. So I guess at first glance nothing much has changed. Well, one thing: Andrew now wears a gold piece of jewelry… and I quite like the look of it.

But when I take a few more minutes to think about the question, I realize there is something that has changed. Something big. We’re still the same… but now we’re somehow stronger. Every decision we make from here on out, we make as a team. And it’s a team that is respected, revered and understood worldwide. I feel proud to call Andrew my husband instead of just my boyfriend. The title feels nice and secure.

So now when people ask the first question again, I just simply answer, “it’s the same, just better.”

Which then leads them to the second question, “So when are you guys having babies?” I then go into panic mode and think, not yet. Not yet. 


22 thoughts on “the two questions I get asked most now that I’m married

  1. love this post, of course. i was telling someone your thoughts about how ‘things don’t change so much as you become more of a team’ the other day 🙂 it’s funny how prevalent the baby question becomes as soon as the wedding ceremony is over, right? i can hardly say ‘guess what’ without someone asking me if i’m pregnant (i’m not!)

    • Yes, your previous post and our discussion the other day inspired me to write the post. Your ‘guess what’ comment made me smile. Just the other day I told a coworker I was feeling really tired and right away she said “maybe you’re pregnant.” OMG lol it just doesn’t stop…

  2. i couldn’t agree more! although Andy and i aren’t married….(yet)…. by us making the cross country move together has more than put us on that pathway. And even still i sometimes get asked for babies!!

  3. What? I will make the prefect Grandma; I mean, I will have them watching scary movies by the time they are three… I will have to toughen those kids up…..:-)

  4. ha, first you have bridezillas and wedding-nazis, and once that’s over its where you are now. the kid question.
    Just be prepared for when you do decide – which only you and Andrew need to decide on, no one else! – the questions will NOT stop. not til they’re at least 10. And if you choose multiple kids, people will always want to know if you want the pigeon pair etc… After my second son I was asked this. And then directly, and I mean literally in all senses of the word, after the third son – ‘are you going back for a girl now?’
    Enjoy yourselves and make that decision when you are both ready. Gorgeous pictures! 🙂

  5. Ashly, you have to understand that the only reason friends and family ask you about babies is that we all know what little cuties they would be with parents like you two !

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