happy belated (canadian) thanksgiving
















Don’t you love family photos like this? The one that was taken from an awkward angle on a timer. The one where someone asks, “Did it go?” and “Is it on?” only to be followed with comments like, “I blinked, we have to take it again,” and “I didn’t see a flash… was there supposed to be a flash?” Oh the things we do to ensure no one is left out of a great family photo op…

I hope all of my Canadian readers had an amazing Thanksgiving. I think our American counterparts had Columbus Day or something but that doesn’t really count as a holiday because they didn’t get a day off work–and that is the true meaning of a holiday isn’t it? A day off from the daily grind?

Andrew and I spent our holiday in Victoria visiting friends and family alike. Most of the photos above were taken while hiking around Hatley Castle on the campus of Royal Roads University (where X-Men was filmed!) before the big feast. Most Thanksgivings on the Northwest Coast are wet and cold so I’m thankful we enjoyed such gorgeous weather.

Now this would be the perfect place to launch into this long list of what I am thankful for but I’ll save that for American Thanksgiving in November (that’s right, I celebrate both!! Any excuse to eat more turkey dinners). But if you are itching for an awesome and hilarious “What I’m Thankful For…” kind of list, be sure to check out my mother in law’s blog post about Thanksgiving here.


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