on the subject of… food management


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Despite our best efforts to ignore gender stereotypes when it comes to the division of household labor and chores in our marriage, there are certain roles Andrew and I have just fallen into. For example, he always deals with car maintenance. And I always deal with grocery shopping and meal planning–which is funny because I don’t even love to cook.

Last week was a busy one for the both of us, leaving us stressed, our apartment dirty, laundry undone and the fridge empty. So while thinking about what we could do for dinner one night Andrew went to the fridge only to ask: “We don’t have any food! Why didn’t you go grocery shopping?”

Mad as hell, I turn around and say, “Because I am the only one who plans meals and thinks about the food in this house!”

“That is not true,” Andrew says defensively. “I think about eating it.”

I hate it how he makes me laugh when I am really mad at him. 


8 thoughts on “on the subject of… food management

  1. bahhhhh this made me laugh out loud. so funny. do you ever think about how there are teenage magazines with funny embarrassing moments and whatnot, but nothing equivalent for adults? if there was.. i would ask you to submit this.

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