our first apartment



No, these are not photos of our new apartment. We’re not moving. These are photos from our very first apartment together. That was 5 and half years ago. Back when Andrew had a goatee and I had really short hair and apparently really good complexion!! Oh, the days before I put on BB cream or CC cream or whatever letter we’re on these days.


Last week you might remember I wrote about apartment hunting here. I asked the question: would you sacrifice location for space? More specifically for us, it was more a question of: would you sacrifice your small basement suite in the city for a large condo rental 45 minutes outside the city?

Andrew and I talked about it and right now we value location over space. Our basement suite is great for just the two of us. However we’re sure that will change in a couple years when we decide to start our family or become first time home buyers. Writing about this topic last week and after taking the time to read all your insightful comments made me reflect on just how much can change in 5 years.

Take our first apartment for example. We lived there just 5 and half years ago. What’s funny was when we moved in I was sure this was where Andrew and I would live for the next several years. We would get engaged in that apartment. We would decorate our Christmas tree in that apartment. We would paint the walls and decorate it exactly to our liking. But the truth is we didn’t get engaged until two apartments later. And we’ve never decorated any Christmas trees in any apartment together. We never did paint the walls or decorate much… The only thing we did change decor-wise was we got rid of those ugly green hand me down couches and bought some new ones.

So maybe I’ll try not to think too hard about where we’ll be living in a year or in 5 years. I am pretty sure we won’t be living in the same rental unit we live in now… maybe we will have bought a house by then. Or maybe we’ll still be renting but living in Europe. That would be awesome. But right now our living needs are met in our budget friendly, awesome location, updated, two bedroom basement suite.


4 thoughts on “our first apartment

  1. location over space every time, right? we’re living in an itsy bitsy apartment in my favorite part of the city, and it’s just lovely. it’s more my style to spend time in the street than indoors, so it works 🙂 congrats on the move, and i feeeeel ya on the missing the days i didn’t need any coverup:)

    • Thanks for reading! And ya… we don’t spend too much inside indoors either so I can deal with a small space for now 🙂 What part of the city are you living in? I’ve been in Minneapolis once but only to the Mall of America lol.

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