apple picking at Taves Family Farm













{heaviest pumpkin of my life…}

It’s October, which makes me want to do all things Autumn…like eat and drink anything with the word pumpkin in it, wear flannel plaid shirts and boots, and partake in fall activities like picking apples. 

On Saturday, Andrew and I escaped the city and headed to Abbotsford to visit Taves Family Farm. The whole place was overrun with young families and little kids… which left Andrew dreaming of our own future kiddies (whoa buddy, not yet) but once you pass the petting zoo, playground and ice cream shop you can venture into the apple farm and discover rows and rows of peaceful, lush apple trees! We had a whole row to ourselves (no kids to be seen), and there were so many apples to pick we never needed to venture into another row to find juicier ones.  

Andrew even ate the apples while we picked. I was skeptical at first–I don’t think I have ever eaten an apple straight from a tree before. The concept seemed foriegn. What if its not ripe? What if there is a worm in it? Doesn’t it need to be washed? Where’s the sticker I have to peel off? At last, I ignored those questions and took a bite, and it was the best tasting apple I had ever had.

Andrew and I agreed, there’s something really awesome about picking what you eat. Maybe when we finally have a house one day, we’ll grow our own apples, tomatoes, and other fruit and veggies. Until then, I highly recommend checking out Taves Family Farm this Autumn.

We came home with 13lbs of apples… so that night I googled all the apple recipes I am going to attempt this week like apple crumble, pork chops with apples and onions and ravioli with apples and walnuts. Oh my… my mouth is watering as I write this!

Do you have any good apple recipes to recommend?


23 thoughts on “apple picking at Taves Family Farm

  1. Do not take Andrew to places with kids! 🙂 When I see these pictures, I really miss the whole Autumn thing…. it has been five long years!!! 😦

    • Do it! And then send me the link if you blog about it 🙂 He couldn’t stop eating them… that was the only good picture I got of him.. although to be fair he usually prefers taking the photos…

      • he prefers taking the photos? that’s quite the switch up.. even though, my husband is getting pretty good at it — he’s even starting to grab for the camera 🙂

      • Nice! Ya, Andrew (aka monkey) went to school and got a BA in Fine Arts. He loves taking photos… so he usually shoots and I pose… although I am trying to learn to take better photos.

  2. You guys are adorable!! This post makes me even more excited about our plans for this weekend – Mike and I go pick out our pumpkins at a local patch (and maybe hit up a haunted house or corn maze). Happy Fall! 🙂

    • A corn maze is next on my list! I want to go with a bunch of friends so we can all freak eachother out lol. I also want to watch halloween movies. Hocus Pocus anyone?

  3. I don’t know if its a bit shameless to recommend one of my own recipes, but:

    I use the very sharp, hard bramleys from my garden for it though, so you might want a bit less sugar and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice

    Those pumpkins look amazing!

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  5. that looks like such a cute place! and can i say that it`s so funny that we both went to farms on the same day. great minds!
    p.s. perhaps you should invite me over for dinner….

  6. So fun!!! I wanted to do that with the girls but I called a couple of farms and they said they were all done with their self-picking. Their trees were stripped bare. REALLY?! It made me so sad. 😦 This is my all time favorite apple pie: and I am a big fan of apple butter: You can add more pumpkin if you like a stronger pumpkin flavor or omit it if you want it purely apple. Even though the self-picking is done, I may still take the girls out to the farm to pick up a bunch of apples. They’re just extra good straight off the farm!

    • Actually we had to walk all the way to the back of the farm because all the apple trees near the entrance were bare! I guess its a Fall activity you have to get to pretty early in the season !! Thanks for sharing those recipes! I made my first apple crumble the other night… I will definitely have to try an apple pie next! Might bring this recipe with me to Andrew’s Aunt House for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Thanks for sharin girl!

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