on the subject of… a PVR


The way we watch TV has changed… 

“I really want a PVR.” I declare one day after passing the Shaw store in the mall.

Andrew gives me a confusing look. “It’s only $350,” I try to explain. Andrew’s eyes widen.

“Ok I know that’s a lot, but I think it would be worth it. We could record all our favorite shows and watch them whenever we want.” I say, and realize I am sounding like a commercial.

“That’s a lot of money, why don’t we each take money out of our personal savings accounts to pay for it?” Andrew suggests. Which isn’t the answer I wanted to hear since I consider this a joint expense and therefore would prefer to take it out of our joint account not out our personal ones. But I decide to play along.

“Fine,” I agree. “Good,” Andrew says. “Now where’s the Gap, I want to check out their shirts.”

“It’s to the left up ahead.” I say. Andrew disagrees and says, “Are you sure, I think it’s behind us.”

“Want to bet?” I ask. He takes the bait. “How about $20 bucks?”

He laughs, but agrees. He forgets I frequent this mall more often than he does. So we walk ahead and as you would expect, find the Gap exactly where I said it would be.

“I win!” I say with a smile. “You can put that $20 towards my half of the PVR.”

I’ll pay for my half of the PVR in no time…



4 thoughts on “on the subject of… a PVR

  1. what a lovely photograph – times really have changed, right? or not so much? with the rain pouring down this weekend, my friends and i are planning to wear pjs and gather around the tv for a halloween movie marathon. and nice work betting on the location of stores in the mall– my husband wouldn’t even try that with me 🙂

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