a rainy day for rugby

On Saturday, I tagged along with Andrew to a rugby game in wet, dark, North Vancouver. Attending rugby games is apart of his job… but he also LOVES the sport. And after the last 10 years of watching the sport with him, I have to say, I think I finally get what’s going on.

If you’re new to the sport here’s some simple pointers that will make you sound like a pro:

1. The ball can only be thrown backwards, but can be kicked forwards. This only sounds counter-intuitive… and it kind of looks that way on the field at first… but it’s not!

2. When a player runs the ball across the end zone, they have to touch the rugby ball to the ground for it to count. Contrary to the literal action of this move, this is called a “Try”… not a Touchdown.

3. When a player with the ball is tackled to the ground, the play does not stop and reset like in Football, but instead the player has to put the ball on the ground behind them, giving another fellow player on their team to pick it up and continue the play.

Look for rugby sevens in the next summer olympics in Rio de Janeiro!


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