5 useful tips when it comes to writing wedding thank you cards


With summer winding down, the traditional wedding season is officially coming to an end. Any bride and groom will tell you planning a wedding is tough, but just when you think it’s all over you have to remember to do two things: Dry clean your dress (this is still on my to-do list!) and write and mail your thank you cards (Just checked it off!)

We only had 80 guests at our wedding, which means we had about 50 thank you cards to send out to friends and family. But 50 cards is a lot of cards to write!! And how do you sound sincere by the time you get to thank you card number 34?

Here are some tips and tricks I found useful when it came time to to check wedding thank you cards off my to-do list…

1. Set aside some time: Give yourself an afternoon, make yourself a cup of coffee or tea– because this is going to take while. For example one of our wedding gifts was a Tassimo home brewer (by the way this makes an excellent wedding gift!) and I made myself a latte just before tackling this project– talk about motivation!

2. Clear a space: I used our dining room table– while usually its purpose is to harbor unopened mail, cameras, computers and whatever other junk we have to sort through, I cleared it off so the only thing that was on it were our thank you cards, a couple of pens, my master list of who gave us what, and an address book.

3. Make it fun: Watch a TV show or listen to music to keep yourself engaged and less likely to quit after only writing 5 cards. I caught up on old episodes of The Good Wife. I have the biggest girl crush on Julianna Margulies.

4. Make it personal: Make sure when your writing your thank you notes to tell your wedding guests exactly what you used their gift for or how you plan to use their gift in the near future. If it was a monetary gift, be sure to tell them what you’re putting the money towards.

5. Take a break: Unless you’re superwoman or man for that matter, you most likely will not finish all your thank you cards in one sitting– I know I didn’t. It took me a couple of hours over 2 days to get them all done. Just make sure to schedule some time to get them done later that week so you don’t lose your momentum.


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