camping in manning park, BC










Here’s some pics from our weekend camping trip to Manning Park, BC with our friends from our Urban Rec Flag Football team. Manning Park is about a 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver and basically touching the border between Canada and Washington State.

When you are driving on the highway towards the campsite you’ll notice after you pass Hope, BC (ironic name for a town in this case) there are no longer any exits for gas stations or food or towns for that matter– it feels like you’re surrounded by pure wilderness. Oh ya, and there is no cell phone reception either. None! The horror!

While I was fretting over no access to emails, facebook or instagram (tragic I know) for two nights,  Andrew was more scared of the bears that inhabited the region. 

Obviously you can see where my warped priorities came into play, but at least I didn’t lose sleep over it. Andrew on the other hand woke up (and woke me up) quite frequently in the middle of the night to ask, “Did you hear that?” or “What was that noise?” To which I replied, “It’s nothing, go back to sleep.” Sadly, my calming words were anything but, as Andrew imagined all the ways we could be eaten by bears… and then proceeded to tell me how easily a bear could tear through our tent. Wonderful. We both woke up tired two nights in a row and the idea of driving back home to sleep in our big queen size bed was a welcomed thought.

With that said, it’s definitely a place we decided we could visit again. The Lightning Park Campsite where we stayed was extremely well kept, with hot showers, nice public washrooms, friendly staff that always knew when to come around and ask if you needed more firewood, and gorgeous lakes and hiking trails.

But next time I would remember to turn off my phone so the battery didn’t die “searching” for service and Andrew would bring bear mase… and probably sleep in the car.


7 thoughts on “camping in manning park, BC

  1. i can deal with no coverage. so long as i have my camera, and maybe an extra battery. I’d be with Andrew initially on the bear thing, but it seems unfounded from how well kept the park is. A bad sleep is made better by long hot showers 😉 Hope you slept well once you got home.

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