evolution of the lazy sunday


Last week flew by. It felt as though I had no time for new blog posts, catching up on the latest season of GIRLS, working out or sleep for that matter. So when the weekend finally came, I was so relieved to catch my breath.

Andrew and I met up with friends and were out and about on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was our lazy day. Well sort of… It was only on Sunday night that I realized that our lazy day wasn’t really that lazy.

Last Sunday involved running to Canadian Tire, cleaning the apartment, pulling out the tent from storage to see if it’s still works for an upcoming camping trip, 18 holes of pitch and putt golf, breakfast, lunch and dinner all at home, a nap and the movie Super Troopers. Yup, that was our LAZY Sunday.

I remember when my lazy Sunday back in University involved sleeping in (usually sleeping off a hangover) and watching movies in bed all day. The only time I would remove myself from my room was to eat or order takeout. Even when Andrew and I started living together our lazy Sundays involved watching movies and TV shows in the living room, making frozen pizzas and lounging in our PJs all day.

When did our lazy Sundays get so productive? The funny thing is I still feel like our Sunday was a lazy one. We didn’t have to work, we didn’t hang out with any friends or family– it was just us… and our kind of laziness.


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