summer’s guilty pleasures

summer pleasures

Ahhh… sweet summer. While the end of you is clearly in sight now, there a several things I will enjoy until your bittersweet end.

1. Hydrangeas – This has become a guilty pleasure because I have been stealing stems from a parking lot at UBC (where we play our Urban Rec Flag Football Games) and bringing them home to put in a vase. Who needs hydrangeas in a parking lot anyway?

2. The denim vest – The one summer fashion trend I succumbed to only recently. Andrew gave me a weird look when I told him I wanted one (Are the 80’s back? Short answer: yes. Embrace it. Don’t fight it.) I know, I know, I’ll only be able to wear it for another month or so before it goes away until next spring/summer. I hope they are still in fashion next year! (I bought mine at American Eagle)

3. Beach days – Chores? Errands? Grocery Shopping? Write ’em all off! Nothing feels better than spending the whole day at the beach. And for the last couple of Sundays that’s all we have done! Wreck Beach in Vancouver is by far my favorite spot… minus all the nudey men.

4. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory – The perfect summer read. It’s sex, deceit, love, corruption and politics as played by powerful women in this novel. I am excited to hear its now going to be a new TV show!

5. The September Issues are now on stands everywhere – Magazine world rejoice: September is right around the corner, giving us, your faithful readers, the fattest magazines of the year. Seriously, they all weigh a couple of pounds each. But I love flipping through the pages and reading all about the fall fashion trends.

6. DIY at home pedicures – $30-40 on a pedicure every 2 weeks? Not on my salary. So I take to the bathtub to give my feet some much needed TLC. Wearing sandals makes me want to paint my toes a different color every week.

What are your summer guilty pleasures?


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