7 essentials to bring on an all-inclusive honeymoon to Mexico














Our honeymoon to the Riviera Maya in July was amazing. We stayed at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort for 7 days and it all went by too fast! Is post-honeymoon depression a real thing? Because I remember the first week back at work I just moped and sulked thinking… “but where’s my pina colada?”

It was our first time to Mexico and the first time staying in an all inclusive. Being seasoned travelers, I think we packed for the trip pretty well… we both did carry-ons and packed plenty of clothes for a variety of activities. But when we go back (maybe for an anniversary-moon?) these items will be a must in my suitcase:

1. American dollar bills – As one man said: “Tips is good,” Andrew and I quickly realized tipping was expected and the service men who helped us with our luggage at the airport were more than happy to wait patiently until we gave them something. To avoid this awkward situation, bring American dollar bills… its the easiest way to tip and is the expected tip currency.

2. Aloe Vera – Everyone remembers to pack the sun tan lotion, but not the Aloe Vera! If you’re whiter than rice like Andrew and I, then its a must to soothe sun burns. We forgot to pack it and as a result bought a $22 bottle at the resort… I just kept thinking “better be magical aloe vera for that price!”

3. Sneakers – If you’re like us and love to explore off the resort, then you will need to bring shoes other than flip flops. They were “feet-savers” for our day long excursions to the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza and Tulum.

4. A hat – Obviously you plan to be outdoors all day, so bring a hat for protection. Plus with all the cute straw fedoras in stores these days, its a pretty nice excuse to get one. I wore mine on the plane too and it controlled the frizzy hair I usually get from flying! Bonus!

5. A waterproof digital camera – There were so many great shots we missed because we didn’t have a waterproof camera. Similar to the aloe vera, we did end up buying a disposable waterproof camera for $30 the day we went snorkeling (again, freakin’ magical camera!) but we could have taken a lot more photos had we had brought a waterproof camera with us from home.

6. Shirts with Sleeves – I burned more than once (bad girl I know!) so I was happy I packed some loose blouses with sleeves to cover up red and white tan lines.

7. Semi-formal clothes – Our resort required men to wear long pants and close toed shoes to the more formal restaurants on-site. Andrew was so happy he packed a pair of light khakis last minute! He wore them almost every night when we went out. Ladies could wear whatever they wanted, but as you can imagine most dressed up. Us ladies buy those cute vacation dresses for a reason after-all.

Are there any items you recommend packing on a tropical vacation?


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