more photos from comox valley part 2: blueberries, beach and bbq












Whenever we hang out with my in-laws, the Smith’s (yes that’s their real last name), it’s a series of non-stop family games and activities… We went to Blue Haven Farm to pick blue berries, we enjoyed some hiking, tubed down the Comox River during the day (twice!) and then enjoyed a beach bbq with family at Goose Spit.

One of our best friends Tylor (pictured on the left above) joined us for the our little getaway before he left us for a year abroad in Germany. It’s always sad saying bye to friends, even if the move is only temporary. Don’t you ever wish you could have all your friends living in the same city?

I wish we could have stayed in that weekend forever. As Andrew, Tylor and I drove away from the valley back towards Vancouver, we all looked at each other and realized we could have easily spent another week there. I guess that’s when you know it was a great (mini) vacation.

Follow along with Tylor on his travels through Germany on his blog: Tylor in Trier – A Canuck in Germany.


4 thoughts on “more photos from comox valley part 2: blueberries, beach and bbq

  1. I absolutely love the island! My dad grew up there and we used to go visit my grandpa who still lived in Victoria when I was younger! Looks like you had such an amazing time! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I love full skirts too, they’re so feminine and just so pretty!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

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