more photos from comox valley part 1: the pot-holes of stotan falls

Last week I wrote about us spending time in Comox Valley. Here are some more photos from our trip!






Stotan Falls is probably one the coolest places I have ever seen… It’s like kiddie pools for adults!!!

Growing up I’ve lived in small towns and big cities and I think I prefer the city life… that is until I visit small towns like Comox on Vancouver Island… and then I wonder, maybe I could live in a small town again.

Andrew and I contemplated our dream life in a small town– we would have a big house, a dog, a couple of kids running around, lots of outdoor toys like kayaks and canoes… I have no clue what we would do for work, but that’s a minor detail… right? Money shmoney

Happy BC Day fellow British Columbians!


3 thoughts on “more photos from comox valley part 1: the pot-holes of stotan falls

  1. Kiddie pools for adults, lol. What a fantastic place, the bridge picture and rocks in the pool are both very cool. I would be in photographers paradise.
    A friend said to me the other day I must go nutty when I drive places just looking at things to get pictures of. It is true. There is not always time or places to stop. 😦
    I think the big city is cool as you then have more appreciation for the times you go to small towns and enjoy things like these pools.

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