a night at FUSE


Several times a year the Vancouver Art Gallery throws an amazing party called FUSE combining art with music and performance for an adults only evening.

Andrew and I had attended a FUSE event once during the winter, but were waiting to attend another one in the summer because that’s when the Art Gallery extends the party to the outdoor patio, where beer and wine can be enjoyed on a beautiful summer night in the city.











This last extremely mind-boggling colorful picture is my favorite room currently at the Art Gallery. It’s apart of the Grand Hotel exhibit— an exhibit all about examining the artistic, social and cultural roles hotels have played in our daily lives. Whereas hotels used to simply be a means of necessity, over the centuries they have now come to represent symbols of status or economic class, architectural masterpieces, cultural havens and rustic experiences. The exhibit is perfect for the history buff/art aficionado… but if you’re a bigger fan of classic art, then maybe give this one a miss.

The next FUSE is November 29th.


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