funny friday: stop trying to fix it

It’s Friday! And my post-wedding/honeymoon depression is finally lifting… but seriously when can I have my next wedding????

I recently discovered this video thanks to my thoughtful husband who suggested while I watch the video if I could just replace the word “nail,” with anything else it would resemble past conversations we’ve had (and I am sure future ones to come).

Ok… guilty… but I can’t be the only girl who has these concerns when discussing a problem with my husband.  Either way, the video made me laugh pretty darn hard. And laughing on Fridays is pretty nice, am I right?


8 thoughts on “funny friday: stop trying to fix it

  1. Darling Ashly, remember we had this conversation before? The one about men being from Mars?
    They all try to fix things when all you want is a comment or agreement or a tiny bit of discussion…..not possible. Welcome to the wonderful world of wifelyness???

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