Why I am so happy we had a big, loud, expensive wedding

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post, but I promise I have a good excuse… as most of my readers already know, I got hitched… for the second time… to the same guy… and it was amazing.

When Andrew and I eloped over a year and a half ago, our families still hoped we would have the big traditional white wedding. Lucky for us our families were willing to pitch in to make this celebration a reality for us. But during the year and a half of planning–booking vendors, reassessing our budget, cutting down the guest list– it did make us question what was the point of having the big celebration. Weddings are expensive! We were already married after all, we didn’t need to have some big lavish party to prove our love and commitment to one another.

We didn’t need to. But we wanted to. Plus we realized that “our special” day wasn’t just ours to enjoy– it was for our families too. Our wedding quickly turned into a 4 day celebration, welcoming out of town family to the West Coast we now call home, and spending quality time with people we love and cherish. And while I stressed over my dress, the flowers, the food, the rings, and every other item that comes with planning a wedding… the memories I will cherish forever have nothing to do with those things.

I imagine, when I am on deathbed one day I won’t remember how much our wedding cost or how stressful it was to plan.

What I will remember is my dad walking me down the aisle and whispering how proud and honored he was to be my father and to be here today. I will remember how Andrew couldn’t look at me during the ceremony because he was choking back tears as he read his vows. I will remember when my sister had more than a few false starts when she began to give her speech because every time she would begin to speak she would start crying. I will remember the big smiles on our parents’ faces the entire night. I will remember the first song that got everyone on the dance floor was “We Are Family.” But most of all I will remember sitting at the head table, looking around our big white tent and realizing everyone there, was there for us. To celebrate us as husband and wife.  Andrew and I.

And those memories are priceless.







Here are  a few photos captured by guests at the wedding! When my professional photos and wedding video are complete you can be sure I will share more details about our big day! For more candid shots search the hashtag #ashandmonkey on instagram.


12 thoughts on “Why I am so happy we had a big, loud, expensive wedding

  1. You looked beautiful and I’m so happy you decided to do this after the initial ‘ceremony’. what a gorgeous way to celebrate your marriage and your family. 🙂

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