On the subject of… Island View Beach






We’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Victoria on Vancouver Island these past couple of months, getting everything ready for our June nuptials. Andrew and I are both amazed at just how many things there are TO DO for this wedding… like pick out our photography locations. Because we’re opting to do our photographs before the ceremony, we have a lot of flexibility as to where we want to take our photos.

We decided a West Coast wedding just wouldn’t be right, without some beach photos in our wedding album. So, our friends Phil and Emily let us borrow a book called Secret Beaches of Greater Victoria. The book is 200 plus pages long! How many secret beaches are there? I thought.

I started feeling anxious… I don’t have time to look at every single beach in this book. But if I don’t, how will I find the perfect beach for our photos?

We headed out on the highway and I began to express my concern to Andrew… in my mind I sounded calm, cool and collected and said something like: “Andrew, love of my life, I fear we will never get through all the secret beaches in Victoria. This worries me greatly.” For some reason I also imagine I have a british accent while saying those exact words. 

However, Andrew seems to remember me saying something more like: “OH MY GOD, what are we going to do?! We are NEVER going to find a beach… we don’t have time… we have too many things to do… I don’t know where to start… I AM SO STRESSED!” in an American accent no less.

Luckily my calm groom, acted spontaneously when he saw an exit on the highway for Island View Beach. He said, “Why don’t we start here and see what happens…”

After driving down the winding roads toward the water, we arrived at Island View Beach — one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

“This is perfect!” I exclaimed. “I know,” Andrew said and smiled.



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