on the subject of… picking our wedding invitations




Your wedding invitation should set the tone of your big day. So I wanted our invitations to be personal, fun and easy to read! I am also a strong believer that any invitation should be able to stick on your fridge without being weighed down by rhinestones, glitter or tissue paper.This led me to minted.com where indie designers can upload their own designs for purchase.

After spending hours browsing the site, I found three favorites and ordered their samples so I could see what they looked like up close. When they finally arrived, I knew immediately which one I was drawn to. So without telling Andrew which was my favorite, I asked him which one he preferred.

After some thought he said, “I like invite number 3 the best.” He looked  at me and then there was a long pause.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Take a closer look, think about our venue and our theme colors.”

“Yes, I am sure,” He said.”All of these invitations would fit our venue and color scheme, I just like number 3 the best. I like the square shape!”

“Are you really sure? Like really really sure number 3 is the best choice?” I looked at him adoringly.

He sighed, “which one do you like, Ash?”

“Well I think number 2 is the best choice personally, but that’s just me” I said. “Plus postage will cost more to mail a square shaped invitation…”

Then Andrew changed his tune, “Invitation number 2 really is a better fit for our wedding day!”

Sometimes you just need the right motivation…


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