on the subject of… hiking




Andrew and I have been trying to get out and be more active together on weekends. The problem is the past couple weeks at work have been kicking my butt. I love the projects I am working on, but between long office hours and training for a half marathon during the week, I only crave rest on Sundays.

But… Andrew and I promised each other we would go on a Sunday hike. So we headed to the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver to take in some fresh air.

“I am really glad we are doing this,” Andrew said. I nod my head enthusiastically, trying to hide my exhaustion, preparing myself mentally and physically for this long hike, all the while trying to keep up with my husband’s brisk pace. How am I going to do this? I think to myself. The map of trails made it look like we were headed for an hour long excursion.

All of a sudden we come to a clearing, and we both realize that its the parking lot and there’s our car. We had done the entire “hour long” trail in about twenty minutes.

“Oh bummer, the map made this trail look so much longer!” Andrew said, disappointed.

“Total bummer,” I agree. “Oh well, that was fun. Let’s go home.” I say, smiling to myself. Lucky break, Ashly, lucky break. 


9 thoughts on “on the subject of… hiking

  1. Love it, no wonder you were stuffed. Is that the Pcific Ocean I see there in the fist picture?? (I’m on the other side, and south a bit…) and good on you for the half marathon training.

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