on the subject of… RRSPs


this guy is a pretty smart one…

I have had the great intention of opening an RRSP for the last couple of years, but didn’t do so until a few weekends ago.

Andrew is the savvy saver in our little family and has been wanting me to open up one for quite some time.

So after my appointment at the bank I texted him to tell him I did it! I finally did it!

I took a measly $100 out of my chequeing and put it into an RRSP account and then set up an automatic withdrawal from my bank account every 2 weeks so that I would never have an excuse not to save money for retirement, a house, or going back to school. It was that easy!

I learned I didn’t need a ka-jillion dollars to start saving for long-term goals I just needed to START. And I was so excited to share my new financial knowledge with Andrew!

His response was: “You are so hot right now…”

Who knew?


6 thoughts on “on the subject of… RRSPs

  1. Saving money is def something I struggle with – but sounds like taking a small step can help. 🙂 In other news, looooove your outfit. The blouse, the hat, the purse – you look totally cute!

    • Thanks! In Vancouver I find it hard to look cute and take outfit photos outside because its so rainy and wet here! So I had to make the hat work with the outfit. Ya I am terrible at saving money too… its one of my 2013 goals to be better at it!

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  3. Must be hard to save for a rainy day when all the days in Vancouver can be rainy!!! Well done though and I also love your outfit!! xx

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